How JAVA Applications can boost every businesses performance

By: sdl17global | September 19, 2018
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JAVA is the most desirable and preferred programming languages since its inception in the web application world. The uses of JAVA are that it is compatible with every system and has an incredibly strong functionality and security environment.

If the reports by Oracle is to be believed, it says that JAVA is the most used runtime platform for many enterprise applications. Also, at least 3 billion devices run this in some of the other forms. JAVA has become a prominent business need in the recent years today. Java versions are periodically getting updated and so the demand too for its increasing.

There are many frameworks and languages available for JAVA application development. Some of the popular frameworks are Java Akka, Play, Clojure and Grails whereas the Core Java, Spring MVC, Hibernate, Scala and Groovy are widely used Java languages. In this post, we will discuss how is JAVA becoming important for every web app development and how much is it beneficial for enterprises today.


JAVA programming language is scalable for any web app development. This means when you would want to scale the web app as per your enterprise requirements, the language will adopt it, especially in commerce logic. You can improve the performance of your web app and its response time every time you need.


The most important feature of Java is that you have to write the code once and then use it everywhere. JAVA program can be run on any number of platforms using the Java virtual machine (JVM). Hence, the term Cross Platform.

Memory Management

Java easily manages memory. It stores all the JAVA objects, and when gets filled, the unused objects are then collected and eliminated. Thus, it makes way for newer objects to run in the space. The point is that an automatic system here manages the memory. Thus, in turn, you get a better speed of the web application.


Several users can manage their own use in Java web applications at the same time. Thus, the thread can be tracked until every job ends. One gets Better performance of the app due to optimal usage of cache storage and CPU resources. Maintenance is also easy and low cost. 

Extremely pocket– friendly language which is also universally popular.

Java is also known as the “king of programming” because of the obvious reason that it is suitable, robust, versatile and is always updating. If your business is budget-proof, undoubtedly JAVA is to go for all your web/mobile apps. Although many other technologies have evolved around, JAVA leads the industry. The SMBs tend to opt for open source technologies like JAVA to get higher returns by restricting their overall project overheads. Java empowers businesses to produce more revenue with a faster turnaround by starting off their feature-rich and modern mobile applications. Many large and small start-ups realize the advantages of this open-source programming language. If you are looking to equip your business with the power of JAVA, then reach out to us and get JAVA oriented services at best industry prices.



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