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Our team assures quality-focused & risk-free digital applications to satisfy customer expectations.

Develop Test Deploy

Develop | Test | Deploy

Applications are critical to the growth and success of any business. We ensure your applications are secure and work as expected with our quality engineering services. Web or mobile applications with bugs, security vulnerabilities, or interface issues may affect end-user experience. 

Social DNA Labs has programmed a unique testing framework that will control, test, and certify the overall quality of the infrastructure with accuracy and reliability.

Our testing abilities

Usability testing

A comprehensive assessment of your application or software design, from usability and User Experience (UX) to User Interface (UI).

Security testing

Safeguarding your application against potential cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

Test automation

Automating repetitive tests to optimize time and resources while ensuring consistent, high-quality results.

Compatibility testing

Examining the functioning and design compatibility of the application in multiple devices, platforms, and operating systems.

Performance & load testing

Verifying your application performance from load, stress, volume, and scalability.

Functionality testing

We verify that each application functions according to customer requirements and specifications.

Our QA process​

We provide a comprehensive and automated QA process to provide high-quality applications for web and mobile platforms.

01. Planning

Identify the testing objectives and sources required

02. Test design

Design test cases & traceability matrices

03. Implementation

Execute the testing process by setting the test environment and recording the data

04. Analysis

Drive insights from the test results and identify and report the issues.

05. Reporting

Generate test reports and communicate with the client to help them understand the issues and their fixes.

06. Ongoing Support

Identify the areas of improvement in the future and implement the solutions after proper testing.

From developing a robust test plan & test cases to bringing a certified team together and managing the testing process, our testing efforts are focused on simplifying the entire task. By cooperating with your software development team, we fix the issues faster and deliver your end-users a frictionless experience.

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