Prospect-centric business growth: Navigating conversion with precision

Customer Relationship Management applications provide every option you need to manage your customers precisely. With many options, the features are customizable to meet your business strategy and scale with growth spur.

CRM solutions

Technology-driven customer engagement: Your path to success

Managing leads driven from omnichannel needs a dedicated CRM system with essential functionalities. Integrating CRM benefits companies to remain connected to customers, simplify pipelines, and enhance profitability. Streamline the entire process from prospect to customer conversion for improved productivity.

Social DNA Labs supports popular CRM integrations to your business and customizes them to match your business preferences.

Technology-driven customer engagement

CRM platforms

Unlock the real potential of your business with growing loyal customers. By harnessing the power of Zoho CRM, the feature-rich choice can deliver a personalized experience for every potential customer. .

Manage and unite the workforce with customers, gain actionable insight from your data, attract prospects, and increase customer ROI. The customer conversion and retention pipeline will become effortless with Salesforce CRM.

The customer-centric CRM tracks leads, converts opportunities, and forecasts data for decision-making. With its extensive features, the platform is best for companies with more data, resulting in management and analysis with minimal time consumption.

Connecting three dots -- productivity, growth, and customer engagement. SugarCRM focuses on bringing the team to work together, and the platform does the remaining.

The AI-powered CRM is a unified product that offers Vtiger One - an all-in-one CRM that connects the apps, and VTAP - a low-code platform within the CRM for extending the functionalities for custom flows and needs.

CRM Services

Our CRM services

CRM consulting

Our dedicated consultants can help you create an action plan and strategy to support your organization and manage customers efficiently.

Custom CRM development

Integrate a custom CRM platform with the necessary features to manage and maintain a customer relationship for a lifetime.

CRM configuration & integration

Unlock the full potential of your CRM platform with proper configurations, integrated into any existing platform, trouble-free.

CRM migration

Switch your legacy CRM software to a powerful custom CRM system, ensuring data safety and integrity. Our CRM experts consider 360-degree migration support, undertaking the complete process from risk assessment to error-free migration to our integration platforms.

Mobile CRM solutions

On-the-go mobile CRM solutions enable the workforce to manage customers anywhere and anytime. A custom CRM mobile application will allow organizations to work as a single unit by sharing the resources and increasing the customer satisfaction lifecycle.

Support & maintenance

We ensure no interruption to your CRM solutions by providing ongoing maintenance and support. As your business grows, we help you integrate more features and scale the platform to meet the increasing demands.

Our CRM integration process

At Social DNA Labs, we follow a systematic work process to implement your CRM solutions. Technology combined with our experienced team can deliver world-class solutions for your organization. Explore our workflow to understand the value we provide for your project.

You already know what these features can do together, especially a system with an easy-to-use interface. If you are a modest enterprise, a businessperson, or a big company, a perfect CRM can automate your everyday job functions, track sales, and engage customers on different platforms.

Schedule a call with our team to know the most suitable CRM solution for your organization.


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