Development process

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Development process

Agile solutions for project perfection: Your vision, our execution

A collaborative environment blended with an iterative approach will provide an effective solution for you. The agile approach followed by our team will give you the upper hand in control over your journey by splitting the projects into different phases. This allows you to roll out a pilot version and receive customer feedback at the earliest.

The scope of your vision thus improves, and through collaboration, our team will help you integrate features, sparking creativity and interaction. The different iterative phases will eventually bring the best out of your project and lead you to become a global leader. 

1. Discovery
Our consultants acquire core knowledge about your project and identify what needs to be built by defining its end users and purpose. The initial phase will specify the technical details by choosing a suitable tech stack and proceed to the next step.
2. Planning
The technical architects will define the project goals by creating detailed documentation. This is an important phase of development where we will do risk analysis, assign resources, schedule timelines, and create an outline of the entire process.
3. Design
Basic sketches to wireframes and interactive designs based on the latest trends are created during this stage. The phase includes defining a user interface for easy navigation and providing users with a similar experience across all platforms. At this stage, you will get a definite visual ideation about the look and feel and share the scope of improvement based on your vision.
4. Development
This is the implementation phase, where our developers will build your application with the required features based on sprints. Team leaders use sprints to prioritize the tasks so that we can roll out a minimal viable product for user testing.
5. Quality assurance & testing
A properly tested application platform ensures expected working and receives positive feedback from end-users with an improved retention rate. The reliability of code structure and application compliance are evaluated alongside performance and security.
6. Deployment & Scaling
Once the application is good in the testing environment without bugs and issues, the application is rolled out to end-users. Investing in our agile approach will capture the areas to improve and scale to meet the demands of decentralized collaboration.
7. Maintenance
The maintenance phase after the application’s first release guarantees regular improvements, further bug fixes, and code optimization. Through regular maintenance, you will benefit from routine upgrades, enhancements, and more to ensure that needs continue to be met and that the system continues to perform as per specifications.

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