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Cloud services empower businesses to scale, innovate, and secure their digital future effortlessly.

Innovate, Compete, Thrive: The Cloud-DevOps synergy

Applications are critical to the growth and success of any business. Organizations must adapt to challenging shifts in requirements, growing consumer reliance on web and mobile platforms, and the complexity of modern applications to remain competitive. Organizations require an application delivery strategy that enables process automation and continuous delivery of products.

By migrating to the cloud and applying DevOps methodology, we help our clients bridge the gap between software development and operations.

Scalable cloud solutions

Scale your business seamlessly with cloud technology

As companies move their services and applications to the cloud, undoubtedly, there comes a phase where they will have to withstand the growing challenges of operations and management. As a Cloud service provider, we offer proper solutions that address these challenges, but choosing the right service provider is crucial. Here we tell you why Social DNA Labs is the best choice for cloud-related services.

By migrating to the cloud and applying DevOps methodology, we help our clients bridge the gap between software development and operations.

Cloud platforms we support

Amazon Web Services (AWS)​

Google Cloud​

Microsoft Azure​



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Cloud strategy & consultation

Receive end-to-end cloud consulting services for quick and seamless cloud adoption, including cloud assessment strategy, design and implementation, and data center-to-cloud migration.

Cloud migration

We execute cloud migration in a seamless, fast, and no-risk way. Your data and applications are transferred from the data center to the cloud, focusing on data safety, smooth functioning of applications, and transfer speed.

Cloud integration

Cloud integration and on-premise systems allow importing and exporting data from the cloud for reporting and analysis. We help you integrate your cloud-based applications with on-premise data.

Cloud managed services

Automate cloud management systems throughout applications and processes for better integration of components, higher scalability, and IT governance.

Cloud security

We follow an integrated approach to cloud security, enabling safe data and business operations.

Premium cloud services
DevOps & infrastructure services

Our DevOps & infrastructure services

Custom DevOps solutions delivered for high business impact

Our DevOps services ensure rapid onboarding of applications by leveraging automation, cloud adoption, and constant monitoring. As a DevOps service provider, Social DNA Labs offers bespoke solutions such as tools to automate and streamline the entire processes from development to deployment, reduce overhead costs, and increase delivery speed. 

We automate the end-to-end delivery pipeline and ease the continuous integration and development across all the popular cloud platforms. The DevOps service we offer you,

Continuous Integration, Inspection & Delivery
Server Orchestration, deployment & automation
Server support and security
Virtualization infrastructure

Successful outcomes, smart infrastructure investments

Our expertise in IT infrastructure services transforms your IT landscape to gain scalability and flexibility. Our comprehensive IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS models help you achieve effective IT management solutions. With our years of experience and industry knowledge, we have designed our delivery model to focus on business outcomes. We assure the team will extract maximum value from your IT investments by generating carefully crafted, cost-effective infrastructure programs.

Our infrastructure services help you plan, develop, operate, and govern your entire IT infrastructure using flexible means that enable better integration with the current company processes and regulations at optimum costs.

Email Hosting
Website Builder
Server Hosting
Website Hosting

Our cloud integration process

Cloud integration process

01. Requirement collection & analysis

Cloud integration starts from the discovery phase, which involves initial consultation, understanding the current system, and analyzing requirements.

02. Infrastructure audit & architecture design

We design cloud infrastructure by auditing the insights driven by preliminary analysis. We always look into the features during this stage, as your business will grow, and the necessity to scale the infra is vital.

03. Development with the right technology

Based on the documentation, we will choose the best cloud service your business needs. We follow a modular approach while developing the architecture as planned

04. Cloud Implementation & enablement

Modules are tested carefully and performance-optimized to system behavior and extension.

Get end-to-end cloud services for all your cloud computing needs. Social DNA Labs is a pioneering multi-cloud Hybrid IT solution provider with footprints worldwide.

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