Shared hosting or cloud hosting, which is better in 2020?

Web hosting options these days are more than ever before with an ample amount of web development services coming into existence daily. The most common web hosts used in today’s time are cloud hosting and shared hosting. Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. Usage of them depends on the requirement of the user, but how can they decide which among the two is better? Here is a contrast with respect to it.

The very major difference between the two is cloud hosting uses multiple servers while the shared hosting makes use of only one server. This gives cloud hosting an upper hand over shared hosting as it is not dependent on a single server if one server is facing some issue they can switch to the other one. So, in other words, we can relate cloud hosting to be more reliable which is required for high volume traffic sites.

On the other hand when we talk about the shared hosting, as the name suggests we are going to share the storage, bandwidth and disk space with various sites. This makes it quite cheaper and affordable for people who have a small scale site.

Talking about the main benefits of the Cloud Hosting we can emphasize more over the security, reliability, and performance. Optimality is guaranteed while using the cloud hosting technique as there are numerous servers used simultaneously. In case of any technical glitch, it is quite easy to shift from one server to the other without any delay. When we talk about the performance, there is hardly any better substitute for it. The speed and faster load times are the highlights of its better performance under a high volume of traffic. Security is given a higher priority by making use of encryption techniques to protect the data.

The only disadvantage that can force you to say “no” for cloud hosting is the overall cost in it. It is basically not for those who have just begun web development services and have a low budget. Some web development services don’t need extra features added to them, so for them cloud hosting is not a good choice.

Let’s talk about the advantages of Shared Hosting. As discussed above, the disadvantage of cloud hosting is the advantage of shared hosting, it’s low cost. The low cost makes it more affordable for the web development services which are at their very early stages to host their sites with very less expenditure and budget.

Disadvantages of shared hosting are performance. Due to several sites making use of the same server it’s sometimes very difficult to get the desired resources for your site. Overload in the other sites can also have an impact at yours which may result in slower speed. Hence it is not suitable for high volume traffic.

So, it depends on the requirement of the client and their scale of services in order to select the appropriate hosting technique.