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Harness web technologies for real user benefits. Solve complex problems through experience and innovation. Emphasize the role of applications in business success with impactful solutions.

Seamless web solutions: Transforming ideas into world-Class B2B & B2C applications

Business web applications can be a game-changer if you have the right technology at the back end and a stunning user interface at the front end. Social DNA Labs develops bespoke web applications ranging from simple corporate websites to highly secure & complex functional websites.

We connect your customers to your brand and establish a reliable online presence. Our consultants suggest the best web solution for your business, considering your company’s key business drivers, budget, customers, and stakeholders. We provide innovative and creative web solutions for every industry.

Web Technologies


Technologies that help your customers or users see and interact with your application, also known as client-side.

Social Networks​

Build a platform to facilitate efficient connections and strengthen networks for your people and communities.


Develop the server side of an application, where data processing, storage, and business logic occur, hidden from the user interface.


Creates applications to administrate, manage, and automate online education or training programs for learners.


Manage digital content in one place. Designated users can create, edit, organize, and publish content without technical knowledge.

Case study

Tracking customer behaviour and optimizing operations for better performance

A US business in architectural metals required solutions for efficient order handling and stock management, addressing issues stemming from limited customer behavior data and achieving monthly sales targets.

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