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The LAMP stack, comprising Linux (OS), Apache (Server), MySQL (Database), and PHP (Coding language), forms an open-source web development platform for high-performance web applications.



Cost - Inexpensive and ubiquitous hosting

Security - Authentication features of the Apache web server maintain security.

Minimal IT outages ensure maximum commerce revenues.

Hardware – No need for investing in costly hardware such as RAM and processors.

Seamless integration of all elements of LAMP

LAMP stack: Your gateway to dynamic and secure web solutions


PHP framework is known for its ability to help developers create web applications quickly and easily. It is a modern web app framework that makes development pain-free as it automates frequent tasks such as authentication, routing, sessions, and caching.

The features of Laravel make it an apt choice for large projects such as Content Management Systems (CMS). It allows developers to create their infrastructure based on the kind of application.


It is a PHP framework to create web projects with reusable PHP components. With this framework, we can develop and maintain applications.

Developers choose CodeIgniter to develop web applications as the development process is easy. Also, the debugging is effortless, secure, and suitable for cross-platform applications.


It is a PHP framework to create web projects with reusable PHP components. With this framework, we can develop and maintain applications.

Symfony has a controlled coding structure, helping developers in helping clients with their creative projects.

Zend framework

A fully object-oriented framework that utilizes oops concepts like inheritance and interfaces. It is perfect to use the Zend framework when your application requires multiple forms. The extensive Validation component of the Zend framework enables it to validate data coming from these forms.

Integrate Zend, now known as Lamina, with any platform and technology, as it has a decoupled nature, making it easy to use.


An open-source software development technology that allows code re-writing. The framework is best to change and upgrade the look and feel of any web page.

Our developers help with CakePHP customization for the entire project, which saves our clients a lot of money and time. We provide custom module development, custom web portal development, and custom plug-in installation.

Yii framework

A PHP framework developed from the ground and is best known for its ability to develop large-scale web applications. It significantly accelerates the web app development process by enabling maximum reusability in web programming.

Social DNA Labs developers are proficient in using the Yii framework to develop any web application. The lightweight and sophisticated caching mechanism makes it a perfect fit for developing high-traffic portals such as portals, forums, content management systems (CMS), and commerce systems.


It is a micro-framework built to deliver microservices and blazing-fast APIs. The framework brings more light to the PHP language if a project requires more features out-of-box.

Lumen is also known to be the painless upgrade path to Laravel. Our developers leverage the expertise of its architecture and develop low-latency applications for business.


A PHP framework that allows developers to create powerful websites and APIs. The critical advantage of Slim is that the code is simple and easy to understand, yet it lets you build superfast user interfaces and web applications. The slim micro framework is well suited for developing REST applications.

Its middleware architecture and URL router make it a good choice for API prototyping and static websites. The microframework nature of SLIM enables rapid application development and simplifies the development process, thus churning out prototypes faster and cost-effectively.

Your success, our commitment: Leading LAMP services

LAMP Application Development:

Offers robust solutions, leveraging the Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP/Perl/Python stack to create versatile and cost-effective web applications that cater to a wide range of business needs.

LAMP Migration Support:

Our services facilitate a seamless transition of your web applications and data from legacy systems to the modern LAMP stack. You can expect a smooth and secure migration process, enabling you to leverage the advantages of this technology stack for improved performance and scalability.

Custom CMS Development:

Provides a flexible and customizable approach to building content management systems. We craft user-friendly CMS solutions that simplify content management and enhance website administration.

LAMP App Support & Maintenance:

Our comprehensive services ensure the continuous reliability and performance of your applications. LAMP offers proactive monitoring, timely updates, and expert troubleshooting to keep your systems running smoothly, allowing you to focus on your core business objectives.

Our development process

Our development process harnesses the power of LAMP to create robust and customizable web applications. By emphasizing open-source technologies, we focus on flexibility, scalability, and cost-efficiency in our development approach, ensuring efficient and tailored solutions for our clients.

Our agile approach in the application development journey makes it easy for timely roll-outs and realizes the scope for future improvements. Explore further to know how it helps you maximize your capabilities.


Explore our development process to learn the standards we set to provide you the best results out of the technical stack.

By applying LAMP applications, you can skip paying the massive licensing fees. You can revise and practice these technologies separately and together to manage all your business project needs.

Schedule a meeting with our team to discuss your requirements and how we can implement them using the LAMP stack.

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