Learning and development solutions: Digitizing education system for all good reasons

Electronic learning or what is comprehensively known as E-Learning allows users to take courses online using electronic devices such as a computer, smartphone, or even a tablet. E-learning enables users to take online courses from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day and all seven days a week. This method of learning is a proven and effective way to educate students while also tracking their participation and assessment, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional training. Using E-learning solutions for your business, you can cut down on travel costs that are involved as well as accommodations, training material, and teacher’s salary costs. The E-learning course is easy to maintain and update. The power of E-learning allows users to learn at their own pace and presents them with engaging audio/ video clips, video interactive games, and more.

E-learning comes in many different styles, models & options. Know the differences and choose the one that fits your company’s needs & goals. There are two categories of electronically enhanced or supported learning. That is synchronous learning & A-synchronous learning. Also, there is a combination which is blended learning. Synchronous learning is instructor-led online learning. This means that there must be another person available at the same time at an agreed-upon platform. You can use computers or other technology when performing your f2f corporate training or use text-based synchronous learning with chat programs and instant messaging. Typically, synchronous learning makes use of scheduled online classes or exam sessions to get everyone together at the same time on the same platform.

With A-synchronous learning stay in touch with others through emails, threaded discussions, message boards, discussion groups & forums. Various courses online can be found in many formats such as audio, video, text & self-paced software. These forms of learning can be highly effective and can create an immersive experience for students especially when combined with simulations and game-based learning techniques.

Somewhere in the middle is blended learning; a bit of online self-study along with traditional face-to-face instructions. Every organization has different training goals and needs. So, knowing your choices in e-learning can help you determine which method is best for you.

Many businesses intend to deploy e-learning solutions to either train in-house or remotely located employees. However, the cost of these solutions can act as a hindrance for small and medium firms. Hence in such cases, some of the businesses outsource their requirements of interactive modules. E-learning stands for electronic learning, in which content is presented via the Internet, audio or video tape, satellite TV, and CD-ROM.

E-learning provides various platforms for online learning and training thus providing opportunities to capture real-world scenarios. It works well, especially for the participants who cannot attend the sessions regularly and hence might prefer to opt for either mobile or web e-learning. The cost of interaction and learning sessions can be reduced to manifolds in this way.

Learning can take up a whole new dimension with interactive e-learning solutions, which can create interest among both students and employees. The e-learning development has made significant changes in the world of education and industry because of the way people learn and train. Social DNA Labs rightly understands your requirements for a better learning solution and accordingly, analyzes, designs, develops, and implements an E-learning solution for better outputs in your company.