Delivering bespoke learning experiences for educational and corporate settings.

Provide a streamlined, efficient, and flexible way to deliver and manage the learning experience. 

Online learning solutions for student/employee training & achieve their full potential

Learning and Development play a vital role in business growth across industries. With more employers setting a yearly budget for training employees, an online or e-learning solution is imminent. Social DNA Labs develops and delivers a custom Learning Management System (LMS) to manage learners and training modules.

Integration platform

Integrate Moodle as the base platform to create a personalized learning environment. Moodle improves learning outcomes for digital learners with custom features and interactive elements.

Benefits of LMS development services

Centralized administration

With role and permission management features, organizations or learning institutions can manage content from the back end without basic technical knowledge.


Collaborative learning

Encourage and engage learners with discussion forums, live chats, group projects, and similar features to enjoy digital collaborative learning.


Virtual classrooms

Virtual classrooms connect educators and learners over a remote platform for live interactive learning sessions. With digital boards and one-to-one video conferencing tools, learning online becomes a new experience.


On-demand courses

Create new courses on any subject with required chapters/modules with text, image, audio, and video content. You can also add more features like a quick assignment/test after each module as a benchmark for learning.


Cross-platform learning

Learn from anywhere, any place, online or offline, on any device.


Subscription-based platform

Create custom subscriptions with listed features and benefits and sell them to customers - billable monthly or annually. Various features are available to integrate, such as recurring, dunning, tax, and invoice management.


Activity-based education

With interactive technology, learning can be made easier than ever. Features like activity corners, leaderboards, quests, and quizzes will enhance the learning experience.

Custom LMS Services

Our custom LMS services

Strategy & consultation

We analyze your requirements and create a strategy your business requires. This involves setting the project goals and priorities and defining steps to meet them efficiently.

Migration services

Providing complete migration service and support from your legacy system without any data loss.

LMS development

Manage and deliver an interactive learning experience using the capabilities of state-of-the-art e-learning management solutions.

LMS maintenance & support

Experience peace of mind as our team takes care of your LMS maintenance, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional learning experiences.

How does our development cycle work?

Social DNA Labs follow an agile methodology throughout the product journey, from requirement discovery to deployment and maintenance. This proven method has helped us easily retain our existing customers and start working on new projects. See our development process to learn the value we provide you.


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