Next-generation web apps: Scaling for success

We build modern web applications using the Next.js framework that offers scalable solutions. Also, it integrates Rust-based JS for quick-build apps.

Why next.js?

Why next.js?

The framework has all the tools our team requires to build your application requirements.


Regardless of the device, the application created using next.js delivers the same user interface & experience.


Next.js improves SEO through server-side rendering (SSR) and facilitates efficient SEO management with tools for optimizing meta tags, sitemaps, and content.

e-commerce ready

The fast responsiveness of the framework guarantees the best performance for e-commerce applications.

Optimized performance

Images, fonts, and script optimizations to improve your application's core web vitals.

Our next.js services

Web development

Our core developers build state-of-the-art applications using Next.js, optimized for an easy and fast development cycle.

Planning & strategy

Consultation is an initial touchpoint in creating a strategy and executing the plan effortlessly for your requirements.

Customization for your unique business project

We leverage the benefits of Next.js to create modern web applications tailor-made to match your requirements.

Plugin development

Next.js plugins streamline your website's development, enabling easy customization and adding new features without complex coding, ultimately enhancing your site's performance and user experience.

Support & maintenance

Our developers use next.js libraries to create a CMS website or application with AMC support. We regularly upgrade every version update to ensure an intuitive web experience.

Next.js services

Next.js headless development life cycle

Agile practices can develop a functional next.js application solution. At Social DNA Labs, we focus on each phase of the development cycle and deliver the best for you. Explore our headless development cycle to learn how our capabilities benefit your project.

The efficient and peerless performance ensures the framework is best for the quick launch of your application. Contact our sales to integrate the #1 react framework in your project tech stack.

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