Social Networks

Help people connect to socialize, have fun, share moments, or find opportunities.

We develop social networking websites and applications by comprehending the value you deliver to your users through interactive features.

We help you build social networking solutions that end-users love to explore.

It begins with your concept and culminates with a worldwide audience who relishes sharing their experiences with others. If this sounds like you, it’s worth exploring how Social DNA Labs can support you.

As a provider of social networking solutions, you can expect us to build distinctive platforms akin to Threads, X, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Our specialization is tailoring social networks to your unique vision, fostering knowledge communities, and facilitating seamless sharing among your audience. 

Your website will be crafted using state-of-the-art tools and technologies, with all the features the platform requires, without the hassle of intricate complications. Once the product is designed, rigorously tested, seamlessly integrated, and successfully deployed, you get the complete privilege of the product.

Integration platforms

Enable schools, institutes, and corporate organizations to establish robust and engaging social platforms using Elgg. With our creators, transform your application into an effective brand communication tool.


Develop custom social platforms using Oxwall with features such as newsfeeds, photo albums, likes/shares, advertisements, and much more. The social networking site built using Oxwall is highly secure, and all the data and content are safe in the internal database or a secured cloud.

The platform is ideal for building a robust, scalable, and user-friendly social network with compelling features. It facilitates the development of a cross-platform community application.

Benefits of social networking solutions


Community building​

Build dedicated social networking platforms to get people involved in upscaling the brand.​

Professional/corporate networking platform​

A platform designed for professionals to establish networks for discovering new opportunities, staying updated on corporate developments, and much more.​

Interest-sharing platform​

Create an application for people to target ads based on the interests they search and share.​

Boundary-free connection​

Virtual connections don't limit country boundaries, bringing diversity in building friendships and global relationships.

Our social networking services

Custom platform development​

We analyze your requirements and create a strategy your business requires. This involves setting the project goals and priorities and defining steps to meet them efficiently.

Engaging UI/UX experience​

Experience a remarkable web and mobile experience for your socially active community courtesy of a dedicated design hub.​

Unique feature integrations​

Your concept can be the next big global thing. We bring your globally acceptable and trending ideas to life with creative features.​

Qualified global application​

The application developed by our core team excels in quality testing with an error-free coding structure.

Platform friendly applications​

We have the team and experience to build a native or cross-platform-friendly application effortlessly.

Support & maintenance​

Ensure the uninterrupted performance of your social network with ongoing support and maintenance, including real-time monitoring, security patches, and performance optimization, to keep your platform running at peak efficiency.​

Our development process

The entire product lifecycle is managed by Social DNA Labs using an agile methodology, from the creation of ample documentation to deployment and complete support. This strategy has helped us to maintain our current clientele and begin collaborating on new projects. Learn about the project life cycle by exploring our development process.

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