Chatbots are improving E-commerce experience

Emerging phases of the eCommerce Industry

The reach of the eCommerce industry is ever expanding and has paved its way to both national and International marketplaces. Right from buying clothes to ordering food and booking cabs, eCommerce has extended its reach to multiple industries and has very much become a crucial part of all our lives. This merging of technology with the market has resulted in the increased competition which means customers get umpteen choices before taking final decisions. Though this industry has widened the horizon for many retailers, eCommerce store owners always seek a USP that can make take them ahead of the crowd.
To take customer experience up a notch higher, enterprises need to understand that successful brands set themselves apart by streamlining customer data and staying engaged with them through immediate responses during interactions. Thanks to Chatbots, eCommerce is easy now.

What Can Chatbots Do for You?

The real time chatbots are both friendly and polite. They are an advantage for both customers as well as brands. These inexpensive Digital services can actually play customer service role in any enterprise. Chatbots gained momentum in the current phase after a set back a few years ago. Undoubtedly, when chatbots are integrated with Artificial Intelligence, big brands are jumping at the opportunity to advance its customer experience services with its potential. Managements are powered to establish the presence of the enterprises with value-added solutions.
Right implementation of chatbots can reap you the following benefits;

  • Increased probability of the visitors turning into customers
  • Efficient customer conversations through messaging channels
  • Building personalized experiences that can deliver one-to-one responses to customers

Conclusion: If Chatbots are implemented correctly, an online business can update its system to match the latest developing trends for good.

Generating Leads with Bots
About 48% of the buyers would like to connect via chat with brands over any other means of contact. Today chatbots are quickly becoming the hype and are gaining social acceptance and recognition because of their capability to leave a personal impression on buyers. With so much advancement, how are chatbots attracting leads?

Reminders to leads
Retargeting Cold leads using ads that can be sent through Facebook Messenger will always be a success. About 90% of Facebook users are using the app and more companies are using this platform to send personal coupon codes, thus reminding the older buyers of the brand.

Instant responses to qualify your leads
Chatbots can always initiate a conversation first and understand their shopping behavior. An AI enabled chatbot strategy can even provide your customers with personal product recommendations and get them to make purchases.

Customer data collection
Use chatbots to collect customer data and feedback that can be used to improvise on company products and services.

Sharing relevant information
A rightly placed chatbot strategy will help you deliver accurate content at the right time to inquiries sent by customers.

Industries that will benefit more with Chatbots
People are no longer willing to communicate over emails or telephone calls. The majority wishes to communicate over an instant messaging app.

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