Transforming user experience and performance for Malaysia’s premier business and investment weekly website

About client

Our client is the publisher of Malaysia’s best-selling and award-winning business and investment weekly. They had a website for readers as well as content editors to view and publish the content for daily news. They wanted to revamp the website with a new look & feel that is appealing and can attract more visitors.


Before Social DNA Labs offered the client its services, the biggest challenge that the client faced was to increase users, engagements, and website performance. Stock exchange rates were required to be displayed dynamically. They also wanted to display the details of the content editors as well as journalists.

What did we observe?

  • The existing website contained no proper user navigation.

  • The improper website design resulted in ZERO users traffic

  • The website was attacked multiple times by threatening malware and server hacks.

  • No dynamic data was available for stock exchange information.

  • Latest news and event information were hardly updated.

How did we achieve it?

Requirement Analysis & Project Plan: Analyzed the requirements collected from the client and drafted the project plan.

Website Redesign: Preliminary as well as detailed design specifications and template design defined for the home page and inner pages.

Website Development & Data Migration:  CMS Integration, data migration done from an existing website, 3rd party integration, UAT.

Testing: Unit Testing, Test Case Documents.

Deployment: Project deployment on development, Staging, and production servers completed.

Maintenance & Support: Feature enhancement and bug fixing done.


  • We re-developed the website in Drupal technology.

  • Also, integrated stock exchange API to display dynamic information on the site.

  • The revamping of the User Interface with a new design and template was executed.

  • High-end server installation was done using load balancers to manage increasing users.

  • Added a blog section to increase user traffic to the website. We also integrated the GM4 publishing system with the website to fetch details related to users and the latest news and content.

What was the outcome?

  • User traffic increase

  • Attractive look & feel with breadcrumb navigation

  • User-friendly website

  • Easy user navigation

  • Improved user experience

  • Improved system performance due to load balancing between servers

  • Multiple concurrent users were now managed

  • Dynamic information of stock exchange

  • Latest news & events on the home page were always easily updated

Technology Stack

  • Drupal 8.1

  • PHP

  • MySQL

  • Apache Server

  • Windows

  • Linux

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