Creating a learning management system with different custom modules


We worked with a leading eLearning company in the USA which today offers a personalized experience, enhanced by innovative digital engagement.  The prime goal of the business is to make learning accessible to anyone who wants to learn, from anywhere in the world. They also provide training for multiple courses to the students as well as professionals.


  • Creating a Learning Management System (LMS) and integrating it with an e-commerce portal that offers online courses for purchase to the end users.
  • A social networking module that can help admin staff with training activities and allow quiz programs as well as grade the students after results.
  • Aiming at starting a new course that required detailed research on the current course trends, what’s on-demand, the latest technology, and information on student’s interests.
  • A holistic solution that can indicate the company’s growth by scanning the available and researched data to maximize revenue and reduce cost.

What did we observe?

  • An immediate requirement of a channel that gives way to the tutors and the learners a common space to connect and exchange knowledge.
  • Tracking the business performance was difficult as there was a lot of data originating from different sources.
  • No proper platform is defined for academicians and students where they can study material with time management ability and can work in groups.
  • No research-based data can accurately specify the interests of the students.

How did we achieve it?

We used Moodle for the administration, documentation, tracking, and reporting of training programs, classroom and online events, e-learning programs, and training content. This Learning Platform or what it is usually called a course management system helped in creating an education system based on the web for the client, that modeled the traditional real-world education by uniting a set of equivalent virtual concepts for tests, classes, and other external academic resources. Also, to ease out the purchase of their objective-oriented courses, an e-commerce feature was added too in the website.

By using the robust technology of Moodle, we built a system with the following features;

  • Centralized and automated administration

  • Assembled and delivered learning content instantly

  • Consolidated training initiatives on a scalable web-based platform

  • Personalized content and enabled knowledge reuse

  • Data mining and Data analysis solutions to track business growth and student’s related data

The students also benefited from the following:

  • Accessing the courses and buying them online

  • Timely assessment of the users/ students

  • Recording feedbacks

  • Letting them submit and share work

  • Track student progress

  • Generate reports and certificates

What was the outcome?

The solution helped the client to extend their services through a web learning environment and gain a stronghold in the Internet-based learning space. They also made their highly-qualitative courses available online for purchase.

The researchers were supported which directly helped the institute to identify the student interests, current trends, and course demands in the present day.

More benefits

  • Operational efficiency increased within the institute.

  • Internal business processes optimized.

  • Decision-making time reduced.

Technology Stack

Moodle, Apache, PHP, MySQL

WordPress, Woocommerce, Edwiser Bridge


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