The top 2019 emerging trends in web development industry

It’s the beginning of the new year, and in this post, we will help you get an overview of our highly subjective list of top web development trends in 2019.

Let’s begin with the web, but also, we will talk about important things going on in native development social media and finance. At the end of the day, app development is all about products that make people happy, and there are some really exciting emerging technologies that we will explore as we go down this post.  

Node JS

This is in general very important. Web development is such a broad topic that of course not every web developer needs to learn node JS but having a look at it, understanding the basics about node JS is worth it for every web developer. Because, it’s not just one solution, but one alternative to PHP. It also powers a lot of build workflows. It can be used with some machine learning for JavaScript libraries. Knowing Node JS, in my opinion, is becoming more and more of a basic rather than an alternative to PHP or or whatever you might be using.

Graph QL

It is a great way of building stateless, client-independent APIs with higher flexibility and therefore this high flexibility part is the interesting part. Therefore, we have an interesting alternative to the rest of the APIs. Also, it’s easier to learn than it ever was before.


They were super important in 2018, and they will continue to be important in 2019. If you go by the statistics, there is solid growth in the frameworks. If you have a look at stack overflow surveys, we see that they are a very important tool that a lot of developers are using, and people are using these frameworks for a very good reason. They make our work easier, and they will continue to do so. Especially since solutions like ionic which allows us to build cross-platform applications, allow us to build more mobile apps with web technologies or solutions like a native script or react native or electron to build desktop apps. These solutions are all growing rapidly and therefore they often use these frameworks because you still have to build a complex user interface which then simply is wrapped into a desktop or mobile view since you have to do that, using such a framework is always a plus.

Web Components

Web components are APIs that enable you to build new custom, reusable, encapsulated HTML tags to use in web pages and web apps.  


2018 was a very important year with browser support becoming way better for native web components and in case you don’t know what web components are, web components are custom HTML elements. You create them with vanilla JavaScript, and you can drop them into any web application, no matter which framework you are using there.  You can use them just anywhere. You can build complex widgets like a mole or a site drawer with a custom element. Because you can do that, you can then reuse that across projects because of that their popularity will skyrocket.

Although PHP, Laravel, Ruby, Ember, Bootstrap, and Angular 1 will never be dead, they may just not be the hottest trend anymore. As a web development company, Social DNA Labs is always ahead when it comes to practicing the newest trends. Connect with us now for all website development services.