Turn Business Predictions into Competitive Advantage

BI, Big Data & Analytics

At SocialDNA Labs, we add value to our clients’ business by using innovative and latest technologies to collect and manage data in an impactful and user-friendly manner. We achieve this by creating meaningful analytical reports and visually attractive graphical representations. It helps our clients utilize data effectively and improve their ROI.

How We Take Advantage of New Generation of Business Intelligence and Analytics:

Big Data enables collection of unstructured internal and external data. Applied business intelligence and analytics helps in understanding the customers’ demands which further helps in connecting to the customers in a more meaningful manner. If done in a right way, analytics and intelligence can do a lot more than simply automate the data collection and utilization process. Big Data and Analytics worldwide revenue will grow up to $ 187 by the year 2019, as per a five-year forecast from IDC Research Firm. It is still not late for organizations to transform into data centralized firms for maximum benefit.

  • Use data and analytics tools to understand and connect to customers’ better.
  • Identify new products and services opportunities.
  • Optimize business processes to drive and adapt to disruptive changes.

What is Your Company’s Big Data Maturity Level?

Every business is generating massive amounts of data, much more than they can handle and analyze. Big Data helps companies integrate their data from various disparate sources and analyze it to gain intelligent information about their business.