What gets your business rising in an online world?

These days, building websites or apps that draw and retain customers has become somewhat of a science. For any web & mobile application design, user experience design (UX design) and user interface design (UI design) are two critical factors to be considered, to get the ball rolling in your court. A more holistic approach is a must for any UX designer to take while optimizing for mobile applications and looking ahead to the standard usability principles of user flow, structure, distinctness, and feedback.

So, before we look into the significance of UI/UX on an online website or an E-commerce portal, first let us briefly understand what these terms are.

What is user Interface design?

Since software is intangible, the only way a user can control or interact with it is through a designed user interface. UI is the graphical design or the look of software or a website such as mobile applications that can be seen and felt. It is designed with the primary focus on ease of use and pleasurability for the user.

What is user experience design?

User experience is closely associated with the user interface. They are the two sides of the same coin UX is about how a user feels when interacting or interfacing with a system. This system can be anything. Be it a website, web/mobile application, or desktop software, it is all about some of the communication between a human and a computer device.

How is UI & UX design impacting businesses today?

And now, you must be wondering how exactly these two can impact a business in a day to day life.

How many times have you bounced out of a website that is carrying good content but has poor graphics and a dull layout that is not user-friendly and interactive?

We all at some point on the internet have faced this. Here are a few reasons why a good website or application interface can help attract new customers and retain them for longer periods by building good relationships.

  • Through a good UI and UX design, you can win the trust of your customers. The more they are convinced, the more they are confident in you and will eventually come back to buy your products or services.
  • UI & UX primarily aims at presenting an optimized plan to your customers and allowing them to navigate through the application and websites quickly.
  • Not only it is essential for an eCommerce business to give a pleasant browsing experience to visitors but also makes the purchasing of products more accessible and faster.
  • If you are a start-up or a small business struggling to get brand recognition, UI & UX becomes even more vital because you will be able to attract customers through the quality of your application and website. Because this is your gateway to the first impression.
  • Your business can get a boost for future growth as a good UI & UX ensures customer loyalty.

A user-friendly website has a user interface and user experience that can delight customers and motivate them to keep returning to the sites. If visitors and new users can’t figure out how to use your website interface within the first few moments, they can bounce out immediately only to visit your competitor.

How do Social DNA Labs create engaging UI/UX designs for your business?

We believe that the life of an application or a website lies in the experiences it gives one visually and functionally. A human-centric approach goes a long way in building fantastic user experiences. It provides scope for more compassion, innovation, and practical solutions. To align our practice with these principles, we follow a four-phased approach to the UX concept;


The discovery process entails identifying various user groups and profoundly studying their lifestyle, demographics, behavioral patterns, and choices to help us to imagine from their perspective.


We set strategies based on the products and services of the business and propose a plan on how to market each of them with a planned structure that will not confuse the user but make it enjoyable.


Based on a comprehensive storyboard, our UX designers, developers, and content strategists collaborate to create wireframes, navigation design, and finally a model. After all, first impressions never get a second chance. Hence, it has to be the best.


At this stage, the aim is to produce a product that works as desired and satisfies users. The wireframe prototype goes through a design review and usage analysis. This is the phase that blows life into a possible application/website design.

The internet is a world in itself that has access to an ocean of messages, information, and data. Thus, it easily becomes an easy platform where users are kept engaged. If your business website’s user interface is poorly outlined, it will lead to poor user experience, thus, increasing your bounce rate, reduced visibility on search engines, and poor ranking as well. But, if you get the technique and technology right, every other thing will fall into place.