Flash Flex Apps Development

UI/Frontend/Rich Internet Applications

UI Frontend Rich Internet Applications are visually appealing and engaging applications that run faster on web browsers than the traditional desktop apps. RIAs are third generation web based applications developed using powerful development tools. With advanced technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, developers can create complex applications that promise rich and interactive user experience.

Rich Internet Applications can be deployed across browsers and desktops, hence, its wide-spread popularity. Benefits of RIAs are:

  • Cost-effective method of providing web applications.
  • Built on existing processes, personnel and infrastructure.
  • Consistent user interface on different browsers and operating systems.
  • RIAs can be used offline if the app is designed with such instructions.
  • Performance of RIAs is much better and faster compared to traditional desktop apps.
  • There are many technologies that can be used to develop Rich Internet Applications. Some of the latest technologies that our developers work with are:


Flash, Flex for Interactive and Engaging Apps

With a team of Flash and Flex experts, we design rich internet applications that give your users an engaging and interactive user experience. Adding animation, audio and video to your applications, advertisements and games enhances UX.

We develop web applications to meet the clients’ requirements while reducing the total overhead costs and improving productivity. The versatile and interactive nature of Flash makes it a good choice for developing RIAs. Your web application should give your users a user-friendly and intuitive interface to play with.

Flash and Flex allow developers to create advanced features with less coding resulting in faster development process. These applications can be used in diverse platforms and provide a higher degree of stability and functionality.

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