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High-Speed Data Streaming in Real-time with Node.js Web Applications

Node.js is the latest PHP competitor enabling web application solutions that can be developed fast and offer scalable and high-performing network applications. Due to its ease-of-use and simple development procedure, it is widely used to deliver applications within time and budget.

Node.js helps developers in rapid web application development as it produces reusable code. There are many aspects of Node.js that makes it a preferred business web applications development tool:

  • Rapid Application Development

    Reusable entry level code decreases the time of application development

  • Data-driven, High-Performance Apps

    As a back-end development tool, Node.js allows fast and easy collaboration between users, client, and server making it a preferred choice for multimedia games and chat applications

  • Multiple Development Services

    API development – AJAX development

    plugin development – Web/Mobile app development

SocialDNA Labs Node.js Offerings

  • Node.js Consulting
  • Node.js Web Application Development
  • Node.js Custom Solutions
  • Cross-Platform Development
  • Support & Maintenance

Cloud Scalability with Node JS

The efficiency, scalability, and speed of Node.js web applications make them perfectly suitable for cloud environment.

Using Node.js technology, our developers created a revolutionary tool displaying real-time data of millions of log files stored at various locations across the globe in a visual form. It helps to find the cluster where there is a problem saving an enormous amount of time and effort.


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