App that interacts with IoT devices

About client

Our client makes interactive devices for home that turns every room in the house smart. With years of experience in the industry, Phorena delivers simple ideas that are driven by technology to serve you with products specially designed for home and needs.


An app that is compatible and runs to interface with custom IoT devices

How did we achieve it?

  •         We designed an app to leverage on hybrid technologies for faster turnaround time and faster iterations.
  •         Web sockets were the underlying technology used for real-time updates from the sensors in the IOT devices.
  •         Deepstream was also chosen as the technology to power the backend. Several micro-services were also written in NodeJS to facilitate other requirements.
  •         The team leveraged on Google’s dialog flow to implement NLP

What was the outcome?

Simple installation of the app

Seamless management operations

The app successfully could create commands based on the user demands and controlled the IoT device. The data provided to the app is always secured and protected. Using advanced technology, we created a simple and intuitive app user interface that controlled and monitored the device.

Technology Stack

  •         ionic
  •         angularjs
  •         deepstream
  •         nodejs

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