Reports for drawing forecast and other analytical data

About client

Our client is based on New Jersey and had faced problems with current business operational system due to certain limitations.

They wanted a strategic system where information flow is easy and will help them take firm decisions for the business. They also wanted to have a strong workflow to keep a track on user and admin-based activities.


Unreliable source of information

More dependency on legacy system

Lack of efficiency

Data redundancy

Human dependency for report generation

Lack of efficiency in inventory management

Users lose faith in system due to inaccurate data

Users ignore the system due to no relevant data

How did we achieve it?

Built multiple dashboard to create a centralized system.

Streamlined processes to avoid errors in workflow.

Created analysis and reporting system for better decisions.

Backend BI System: Used for collection, integration and consolidation of data from various sources.

Intermediate BI Tools: allow users to create forecasts and identify trends from the data.

Frontend BI Tools: provides interactive user interface to view details generated by the system.


What was the outcome?

Drawing demand forecasting became easy

Inbound & Outbound Dashboard Alerts were enabled

Supplier Chain Analysis, Inventory Analysis, and Purchase Order Analysis became possible that gave accurate results

Technology Stack

Pentaho, Jaspersoft, Talend ETL, High Charts, Hadoop

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