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MEAN Stack

MEAN (MongoDB, Express, Angular JS, Node.Js) stack is a completely JavaScript based technology stack that helps you build robust, scalable, secure and maintainable web applications. By using MEAN stack, we develop highly organized applications much faster by avoiding common pitfalls.


It is used to create heavy database-backed web applications. It uses NoSQL database to create agile and secure web apps.


It is a Node.Js framework used for creating fast, light and high-performing web and mobile apps. It has all the amazing features of node.

Angular JS

With Angular JS, we can now use HTML to develop dynamic web pages that are expressive, readable and quick to create.


It is an open-source, cross-platform environment built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. This makes it a perfect choice for real-time communication-based applications such as browser games or chat apps.

By using MEAN, you can experience a whole new JavaScript with better features. For example, If you draft program code for Node & find that it can be better placed in AngularJS, then you can shift it over with ease. This is why MEAN based apps are easy to code. Moreover, you need not have certificates for other different programming languages like PHP.

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