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Silverlight Applications

Silverlight is a Microsoft framework used to create rich internet applications. It is quite similar to Adobe Flash framework and is based on .Net framework. Web applications developed in Silverlight support rich content such as graphic, animation, audio and video.

There are many advantages of using Silverlight over other frameworks:

Here listing a few reasons why Silverlight Development is gaining visibility in this technology-driven world.

  • It supports cross-platform and cross-browser frameworks that allow developers to create rich web applications.
  • Silverlight is used to develop web applications that integrate vector graphics, 2D animation, multimedia and interactivity into the single runtime environment.
  • Microsoft Silverlight applications run smoothly over mobile devices.
  • Consistent, interactive and engaging user experience across operating systems and devices.
  • Easy integration with feature rich technologies such as AJAX and JavaScript.
  • Applications run smoothly over multiple browsers and platforms
  • Rich, impressive and interactive UI
  • Supports WCF, LINQ, and WPF
  • SEO compatible
  • HD Video experience
  • Highly cost effective
  • Greater application performance

One of the greatest advantage of Silverlight Application Development is that it allows search engine bots to easily detect the site content that is available online. This is usually not offered by other app development platforms.

Today, this platform is most preferred by the web and so more, and more developers are opting to work on this due to its flexibility and premium quality.

At SocialDNA Labs, our developers specialize in developing Silverlight web applications. With years of experience and industry knowledge, we ensure that our clients receive the applications customized as per their business objectives. For faster and sophisticated web applications, contact us.


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