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HTML5, CSS3 & JS Frameworks – Future of all Web & Mobile Applications

HTML5 + CSS3 + JavaScript framework is the future of all web and mobile applications. Kick start your project with the combined power of latest technologies and highly skilled developers. At socialDNA Labs, our UI Frontend Rich Internet Applications developers use these technologies to create robust, fast and adaptable web applications.

We use lightweight yet powerful frameworks such as Angular JS, Sencha, and JQuery to develop modern web applications. HTML5 products support audio, video, and rich media content that is easily accessible on any mobile device.

High-Performance Websites With Local Storage

With HTML5, web apps store the user browsing data locally in cookies. This makes the app more secure, cache data available more easily and web app work much faster.

Canvas and other new APIs for Users to Enjoy the Web App Content

HTML5 drawing tag <canvas> allows you to add interactive and animated elements that are more easily usable than the content added using Flash.

Develop Richer, more fun Games with HTML5

It’s a treat for the developers to develop interactive and user-friendly games using HTML5 in no time.

SocialDNA Labs HTML5 Offerings:

  • HTML5 Mobile and web app development
  • Game development
  • Migration and upgrade to HTML5
  • Support & maintenance

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