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Flash and Flex for Interactive and Engaging Apps


With a team of Flash and Flex experts, we design rich internet applications that give your users an engaging and interactive user experience. Adding animation, audio and video to your applications, advertisements and games enhance UX.

We develop web applications to meet the clients’ requirements while reducing the total overhead costs and improving productivity. The versatile and interactive nature of Flash makes it a good choice for developing RIAs. Your web application should give your users a user-friendly and intuitive interface to play with.

Our Approach

Our approach to web applications is in a more smarter, expressive and interactive way. We provide a significant shift from standard app development to a professional and technology-oriented development process.

We thrive on meeting the creative and technological needs of our clients. Our skilled team of flash developers helps you organize and control extremely user-friendly customizable applications. We also make time-to-time enhancements for making your app more robust and customer-oriented.

Our cost-effective and customizable Flash Programming Services render a range of both new and existing applications. Our advanced programming language for flash development utilize dynamic content that is easily updatable, unlike most conventional flash applications which are fixed contents.

Our developers and programmers fulfill all our client’s requirements and thus have earned use a variety of new Projects across the USA, Middle East, and Singapore

Our flash skill sets

  • Flash communication
  • Flash for Web services, XML and AMFPHP
  • Flex/Flash programming
  • Server-side programming with PHP
  • Client-side programming
  • On-line design editor tools
  • Customized Video player creation

Flash and Flex allow developers to create advanced features with less coding resulting in faster development process. These applications can be used in diverse platforms and provide a higher degree of stability and functionality.


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