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Simplifying Front End Development with Angularjs Technology

The ability to develop dynamic web applications with two-way data binding feature of Angular JS has practically removed the older JavaScript frameworks from the market. Frontend could not get any more interactive with changes reflecting in the app as and when the user enters the data in a form.

Single Page Applications (SPA)

Web applications that provide a similar experience as a mobile app with features like high performance, data security, zero step installation, and offline access. We build entire corporate website frontend and backend using Angular JS on a SPA like behavior.

Compelling Frontend Interfaces

Using the rich and established features of Bootstrap and the custom HTML elements, Angular UI Bootstrap allows compelling Frontend interface that glues the user to the application.


Angular JS is the technology that can be used to develop any kind of web application and of any size. Its extensibility feature allows it to extend the features of regular HTML to create dynamic enterprise-wide websites.

  • Client-side Programming
  • Model View Controller(MVC)
  • Ready-to use UI Components
  • Custom web application development

Angular is the modern-day tool of preference for developing Single Page Applications but is not yet close to turning into a silver bullet.

While alternatives to Angular are usually worse, be prepared for an intense work if your project is over the “average size, and complexity” threshold.


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