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Moodle is designed as a Course Management System to help educators, trainers and trainees store all their course material at one place. It is a dynamic software with interesting features such as quick dashboards to view performance and training metrics. It is a secure and robust learning platform and can be used on any device. Its cross-browser compatibility makes it an excellent choice among learning administrators and trainers.

Why Choose Moodle for Your Learning Management System?

  • Extracts the list of course creation and other student’s activity.
  • Easy installation, scalable and a multitude of user load
  • Seamless integration with applications and easily combines content from multiple sources.
  • A joint-environment and is student-centric
  • Very straightforward, simple and easy to use.
  • Allot accomplishment badges and share growth with others.
  • A huge range of plugins that can be downloaded and integrated
  • Tons of structured documents for each topic can be categorized and make available to students.
  • Support forum discussions for all queries.

Moodle is the leading platform in the education industry for Course Management System or Learning Management System. We craft excellent open source e-learning software platforms through Moodle Application Development Service which would surely match your interest. With our Open Source web application scripted in PHP, there is no need to fret about having a customized system.

SocialDNA Labs team of developers are well versatile with the Moodle platform and can customize it to suit your individual business requirements.


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