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Learning Management System

Learning and Development have become an integral part of business growth in most industries. With more and more employers setting a yearly budget for learning and training of employees, there is a huge number of trainings and courses to manage. If the organization develops its own content, then it is vital to store that content in a secure and organized manner

SocialDNA Labs team of developers deliver customized learning management system (LMS) to keep track of all the trainings being conducted within the organization at various locations. Be it online or classroom training, keeping track of key metrics such as course content, credentials and number of participants and mode of training can be overwhelming.

We create effective LCMS (Learning Content Management Systems) that allows you to store your authored content and retrieve and tweak it as and when necessary.

Some of the key benefits of an LMS are:

  • Secure and organized storage of training material
  • Single point of access for all training requirements and for training being conducted
  • Reduced training cost and time
  • Track participants progress and performance post-training
  • Stay up-to-date with compliance regulations
  • Integrate social learning and build community

Does your company need an LMS?

  • eLearning Management System helps institutes or organization track, deliver, document and report learning courses or online trainings.
  • It gives you a clear knowledge of your past training expenditure and the reports help you analyze if it has a positive impact on ROI and how you can improve it.
  • LMS tracks goal progress and gives you a centralized training and course delivery space.
  • It helps in making the training more responsive as the results become clearer.

Practical Insights

We have developed an e-learning application that has a strong foundation and memory so that multiple users can access the course contents. The participants were diverse and used different devices such as mobile, desktop/ laptop, and tablets, to access the course. At any given time, any number of students could access the content without delay.

The app enabled the devices to communicate with the centralized database to fetch information at any time, from any device and from any location.


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