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Digital Platform

Our innovative design thinkers provide ideation for customer experience engineering to help ensure that platform requirements have been fully captured in order to consider new ways of doing things. We define the UX solution during Envisioning process usually at the wireframes level, and instantiate UX capabilities and considerations during implementation. Our approach to Digital Engineering Platform analyze the entire digital process that are outlined such to provide you with an expert level of automation and accelerate the process of development in your digital assets.

Our approach in creating a Digital ecosystem

  • Experience Operation:

Modern digital assets or applications has to be multi-channelled in terms of delivery. It should also be capable of embedding great context-sensitive user experiences. However, our multi-channel capabilities ensure this.


  • Environment structure:

By strategically structuring environment bundles, we help you ensure that the right environments are created that can manage and meet all enterprise architecture application specific needs.

  • Application security:

Modern digital applications need to depict scalability, security and mobility across different environments. Hence, our Digital Platform applications allow developers to encapsulate their code seamlessly into virtual containers that manage all these needs and separate functionality from these concerns.


  • Execution settings:

Tools, development environments and associated automations are central to digital applications development productivity. Our execution process is always ready for settings that can that make DevOps real in-premise or in the cloud.


Crucial Insights into Building successful Business Empires


We create outstanding custom web and mobile solutions that can turn your ideas into a new driving force of your business. Our excellent in-house web and mobile app developers deliver projects on time while also ensuring to maintain the top-notch coding standards.



SocialDNA Labs web application solutions are crafted to assist our clients in reaching their organizational goals while reducing complexity and maintaining security. We understand that off-the-shelf products do not suit every business requirement and customization is needed to answer business specific problems.


Our technical experts provide Digital Engineering Services like working on latest technologies and frameworks such as Drupal, OpenCart, WooCommerce, Sugar CRM, Java, Struts, Spring, Angular JS, Node, ERLANG, REACT and more. We follow agile methodologies that map to business strategy and bring you a unique user experience, secure access, high performance, and scalability. Our web application solutions can also be best use in developing commerce websites.

Critical Features required in Web Applications

    • Extensible

We develop applications that are structured in a way to enable extensibility and scalability.

    • Secure

Securing apps is our forte. Get security from external breach as well as permission slabs for personnel within the organization.

    • Intelligent

Smart apps add value to the business by providing quick responses to user requests. Our web applications promise high performance regardless of the number of users and use cases.

    • Desirability

Web application must provide user a memorable experience. Hence, we develop applications that users like to use and share.



In a short span of time, SocialDNA Labs has designed and developed Mobile Applications for businesses in various industries. From gaming solutions to social media applications, our expert coders have created apps using augmented reality to suit unique business requirements and commerce management.
We focus on every aspect of Mobile development and even the minutest details matter to us. We combine the technology of mobile app development with the art of creativity to deliver simple yet sophisticated Mobile Applications. At SocialDNA Labs, our app developers and graphic designers work closely to ensure the best user experience for end users or the buyers.

Stages involved in Mobile Application development

Each stage of Mobile Application development is important to us; from design, development, testing, and security to ease-of-use. Consumer apps are designed in a way that provides instant access anytime and anywhere across multiple devices. For B2B and enterprise mobile solutions, we develop extensive applications with backend database support.

Types of Application

  • IoT Applications
  • Multimedia Application
  • Mobile Business Application
  • Education Solutions
  • Chat Apps
  • Location-Based Application
  • Social Media Application
  • Barcode Scanner Applications
  • Travel Guide Applications
  • Utility Applications
  • Augmented Reality Apps
  • Games
  • Animations
  • News Apps
  • Healthcare Apps


For our clients, the idea of upgrading to a technology oriented firm in multiple user environments is appealing. In addition to this, the pace of change in Mobile marketing makes the entire digital plan a more effective and efficient one.


Crucial Insights into Building successful Business Empires


We design custom ERP systems by logically integrating analytics with the enterprise database after extensively studying the business model, . This database then performs different computerized functions for each business vertical. Take instant advantage of SocialDNA Labs cloud-based Enterprise Resource development system that can even solve the largest of largest challenges with its smart logical and analytical capabilities in organizations. It combines real-time data management and intelligent technology with an intuitive user experience.

For forward-thinking business owners, success means growth and profits. They are always prepared for changes and challenges. Although, sometimes their employees fail to understand the significance of change for better outputs. Hence, we provide effective and efficient ERP solutions for businesses to smoothly reach their goals while also bringing in a change in the minds of their employees.

What LogicPRO offers?

  • Get organized data for data-driven decisions using predictive analytics
  • Increase efficiency and improve automation with machine learning
  • Simplify data at every phase and integrate whenever needed for a seamless working of the operations

We are technology-agnostic and are very well-versed in all of the major ERP systems in the industry. Our team applies their expert technical logic on mapping and connecting the different divisions of your business for it smooth running.



Crucial Insights into Building successful Business Empires

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