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AI powered Face Identification & Tracking

Get AI-Powered Facial recognition & Tracking services with our in-depth knowledge and skill set on FR technology. We can bring you an unprecedented number of facial recognition and biometric features into a ready-to-deploy solution. The user-friendly system makes it simple to install, administer and maintain. We have an in-house software development team, who extends their support to our clients with installation, integration, and customization. We offer new updated developments too when required to catch-up with the latest trends and provide web-based attendance software, that can be integrated with your existing ERP.


How does it work?

    • It can locate high-precision facial key points. Easily detects faces within images and identify high-precision points of facial contours.
    • Analyzes face related features, including emotion, head pose, eye status, face image quality, and blurriness.
    • Compare two faces and return a confidence score and thresholds to evaluate the similarity.
    • Find similar faces of a new face, along with confidence scores and limits to assess the similarity.

Advantages of Face recognition solutions by SocialDNA Labs

Our Facial recognition & Tracking services let you maintain and perform fast searches in vast faces collections. We can provide additional technical assistance if you have to index a large amount of data.

      • Easy to integrate into Biometric Identification System
      • Outstanding identification performance
      • High speed and higher accuracy
      • Detecting spoof attacks
      • Robust and fast recognition of multiple faces in an image or video
      • Detect live the face’s feature points such as eyes, nose or mouth


Crucial Insights into Building successful Business Empires

Visual Commerce

Use our visual search solutions and discover products online in a picture inspired by the objects you see in the real world. Social DNA Labs combine 3-D real-world product recognition for an all-encompassing visual search solution. Our Software Development team combines various scanning modes into one unified camera class. Your website/app users can access all the functionality by just tapping on the camera icon in your app.


Get equipped with technology with which you can create compelling visual experiences through interpretation of images on a device of your choice. Identify barcodes or extract textual information from images to provide rich insights, all through the single Application Program Interface.

Interpret pictures to build personalized visual experiences

  • Get smart identification solution of image content to identify celebrities, products or search for associated content.
  • Map out compelling product recommendations for your area of business through visually comparable images and products.
  • Add search intelligence to your apps and devices.
  • Inform your strategic decisions with the Bing Statistics add-in. Quickly regain statistics with your top inquiry, call volume, market distribution, response code summary and many more—and derive rich insights to advance your business.


Crucial Insights into Building successful Business Empires

Real Time Data Management

The data management industry is looking to regulate, add security and increase performance in the way it manages its data. With our vast expertise and knowledge in data center services and data center operations support across numerous disciplines, we have built a comprehensive portfolio of integrated data center solutions for optimized sustainability, safety, and reliable performance.


SocialDNA Labs offer a full line of solutions to help you become a data-driven organization and inject intelligence across your business divisions. We offer implementation, and testing of Big Data stack and tools to transform your data management ecosystem with low-cost, high-performance Big Data technologies.

Enable your business with user-friendly access to high-quality data for timely and accurate analysis. Get rapid development of new operational and analytical reports and dashboards, visualization tools and deployment of reporting capabilities.

What do you get with a DMS system?

Apart from routine DM operations, our range of unique IP and automation tools leverage our long-term practice of delivering data ready projects used in operations:

  • Correct and heals data defects
  • Deploy real-time data traceability
  • A centralized console for transactions and report creation
  • Automating and capturing transaction processing and data manipulation


Crucial Insights into Building successful Business Empires

Enterprise Information Management

Business Intelligence and analytics is a journey that needs to be properly mapped in order to achieve fruitful outcomes. With SocialDNA Labs, you get custom BI solutions that enable organizations to rapidly accelerate from reporting to monitoring. Get insights into various data that may be into the archives, get drilled down reports and improved insights into your operational and financial business needs as well.

Analytics Maturity Assessment

By measuring your customer’s analytics maturity, we give you an in-depth understanding of where they stand in their analytics lifecycle. This will provide you with a more focused solution through our analytics roadmap that can drive value faster into your organization.

Data Mining and Preparation Phases allow us to set data governance rules for early BI rollouts, while also providing a solid footing to generate a defined process for analytics.

Our in-house expert Data Scientists can assist you with your advanced analytics requirements, develop predictive and prescriptive awareness of your business to gain you the competitive edge.

Giving life to your data

    • Our analytics process involves finding meaningful ways to narrate our clients a story and then giving an overall summary that will help in triggering thoughts and find solutions to the challenges that will drive the business to new heights.
    • This insight led information can be accessed from any device through custom applications such as phones and desktops.
    • Smart BI solutions provide stunning visualizations and dashboards that offer a consolidated live view of your organizational data.


Crucial Insights into Building successful Business Empires

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