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Throughput testing

We do this to determine system parameters performance in terms of responsiveness and stability in various situations. Performance testing or what we call it as throughput testing measures the quality attributes of the final system in terms of reliability and resource usage.

Our Techniques to check Performance


Load testing

This is the simplest form of testing that is done to check the behavior of the system under various load situations.

Stress testing

This helps in finding the capacity of the system and also to determine how the system performs when the load goes beyond the expected maximum.

Soak testing

This is done to check the system parameters under continuous load. Parameters such as memory utilization are monitored thoroughly to detect memory leaks or other performance issues. The main aim of this step is to determine the system’s performance under sustained use.

Spike testing

This is done by increasing the number of users suddenly by a very large number. The main aim behind this is to check how the system takes the load.


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