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Test Automation

Our experience has led us to a combination of manual testing and automated analysis that can offer a comprehensive security audit.

To ensure end-to end security of the web applications; our approaches involves;

How does SDL approach to this?

We believe in building a successful foundation to start improving software quality.

When your software doesn’t function well, the chances are that most of the people will not visit your w


ebsite or will not buy from you, because there is always another option to choose that works better than your software.

We perform Automated testing because finding defects and bugs are time-consuming and is often subjected to human error.

Our Quality Assurance teams use software tools that run to eliminate human-errors and instead automatically helps organizations to improve software quality and make the most of their always-limited testing resources.

Our testing tools

Our testing tools such as PenQ, NetSparker, WebCruise, Scrawler, TestLink, HP Quality Center, Enterprise Tester and more help in faster testing, improve test accuracy and saves up time for the QA engineers to focus on tasks that require manual attention and their unique professional skills.

Our Testing Procedure involves

  • Deciding on what test cases to automate
  • Early and frequent testing
  • Selecting the right testing automation tool
  • Dividing the testing efforts based on various parameters
  • Creating quality test data
  • Create test results that are resistant to frequent changes in the UI


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