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SEO Test

Our SEO experts conduct a various SEO performance test to check where the website ranks in search results. Of course, we all want our websites to rank at the top results. But how do we do it?

We build search engine optimized websites that are user-friendly and contribute to improving search rankings. There are various other factors which are responsible for bringing your website to the top search results.

Our white hat SEO techniques ensure that your website is being crawled by search engine bots and soon are the website content being indexed. This is one of the many ways that help users find your website out of a thousand similar website on the internet easily.

Our approach

Our team analyze and find defects that may hamper the smooth crawling of the website or make it inaccessible for search bots. Our development team works closely with SEO experts to fix issues on the website that may hamper SEO activities.

We conduct SEO testing for every web page. We do the following

  • Sitemap creation.
  • Loading time.
  • URL structure.
  • Eliminating 404 pages.
  • Checking keyword density and proximity of the website content.

There are so many factors that our team verifies on a website as a whole

  • Title tags.
  • Heading tags.
  • Image titles.
  • Alt texts.
  • Bread crumb structure.
  • Anchor texts W3C validation and more.

The final report is issued that identifies all the defects and are accordingly sent to the developers for fixing. When the entire SEO aspects of the website are taken care of, it is deemed as ready for search engines.


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