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We are obsessed with customer-oriented strategies. With our expert Digital Practices and marketing operations, we thrive to improve digital customer experiences.This can be achieved only if radical changes and transformation are brought into critical business strategies.

Reports suggest that companies are losing $62 billion a year due to poor customer service. This proves that better customer experience is no longer an add-on with the main service/product rather it is the central element in the business productivity.


“Digital Practices to accelerate Marketing Transformation”

SocialDNA Labs is helping enterprises think and rapidly realize their value and the way they deliver it with radical customer-centricity. Our ever-evolving frontend ecosystem provides multiple choices to help strike a balance between technology and user expectations through our various techniques that include Digital engineering, Digital analytics, Digital Commerce, Digital marketing and more

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Marketing Transformation

Today’s’ customers are demanding personalized experiences. We create dynamic marketing strategies that keep evolving as per the customers’ requirements. Marketing Transformation takes a comprehensive approach towards reaching your end user by making your products and services available anytime, at any location and on any device.

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Digital Engineering

Your business is operating in a volatile environment with continually evolving technology and dramatically changing user behavior. We partner with our clients from various industries to execute a digital engineering practice that enhances their business value while reducing complexity and overhead costs. Analyze the current IT infrastructure of your organization and strategize accordingly.

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Digital Experiences

We rightfully practice the concept that involves transforming human desires into real-time experiences to improve the end-user experience. We exercise healthy and fair practices in developing solid marketing strategies that reap results beyond one’s imagination. Get not just any regular marketing experience, but outstanding marketing strategies that will define you in the crowd.

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AI & Data Science

Data is the powerhouse of your company and keeping it in departmental silos is holding you back from making accurate business decisions. Get developed information management strategy to store the real-time data in a centralized repository. Partner with SocialDNA Labs to harness the real power of Big Data and apply it to gain information intelligence.

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CRM & Commerce

We leverage industrial CRM and Commerce techniques to help our client accelerate their CRM transformation. Our initiatives in developing deep, meaningful relationships with our client’s end customers through multiple channels help in delivering great outputs. Reduce operational cost overall and increase time-to-market with our professional business practices.

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