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Windows application development for businesses to reach millions

Microsoft is one of the most widely used OS and Windows Phone is used by a dedicated customer base. At SocialDNA Labs, we assist you from end-to-end windows phone app development process. We start with understanding your requirement with attention to the intended user base.

Windows mobile apps are best suited for enterprise-wide usage or for a large customer base. We develop user-friendly, completely secure and fun mobile apps that leave your consumers delighted. Our innovative graphic designers and developers ensure new and fresh ideas that are eye-appealing and easy to use.

Earn about a million clicks by transforming your website into a Universal Windows app.

Windows App Development Service includes:

  • Get rid of Unresponsive Web Designs
  • Software design implementation optimized for Windows Apps.
  • XAML & HTML for UI designing.
  • Executing and implementing web services using Azure mobile/app services.
  • Packaging and uploading on to the Windows Store.

Our developers are tech savvy. We are always striving hard to stay on board with every programming language or any piece of tech in the market. This is a personal passion of each member of our team and this has also helped Social DNA Labs become the Best Mobility Services provider in the market.

Here’s are some popular tools we use to build Top Windows Apps in the app store:


Visual Studio 2012



SocialDNA Labs partners with you throughout the journey of app development, right from conception until the successful launch of the app. To save from any risks of failure, we test the app on multiple windows devices. We aim to provide the most time and cost-effective solutions for our clients.


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