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Developing mobile application across multiple platforms

Mobile app users are scattered across platforms such as for iOS, Android and Windows mobile. Most businesses either go the expensive route of developing separate apps for each of the platforms to stay connected to users all over the world or choose any one platform at the risk of losing precious customer base.

Cross platform frameworks bring the concept of hybrid apps which allows developing apps once and deploying on multiple platforms with minimal effort. For applications such as mobile shopping, search or catalogue, this is a very well-suited approach as it provides all the necessary features.

SocialDNA Labs team of mobile apps developers are well versed with the cross-platform framework. Using technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, Javascript libraries, we develop applications that can be fed into native installable applications for each of the platforms.

Why use Cross Platforms?

Reusing codes

The same code can be reused for other applications with the same functionality. This thus helps in eliminating the repetition of the same task again and again.

Budgeted expenses

Today enterprises do not have to invest multiple times to get their apps developed on different tools and technologies like earlier times. Thanks to cross-platform mobile app development, there is no need to spend on developing apps for every individual platform separately.

Easy Implementation

There are many technologies these days that are offering cross-platform solutions and makes developers life easy. For instance, codes can easily be written and converted for different platforms. This not only makes the entire process quick but also becomes easier to sync updates across all mobile devices.

Uniformity throughout

Cross-platform ensures that the overall appearance of the app is uniform across all platforms since the same set of codes are put in use. Usually, end users find it bothersome and inefficient when they have to handle the same app on different platforms differently. They would rather opt to use the one that looks and feels the same across all devices.

Popular cross Platform Frameworks


This framework establishes a link in the hierarchy of the UI segments to produce the JavaScript code. It contains a set of coding elements for both iOS and Android platforms to give the app a native look and feel while it is under development.

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This uber cool technology is a powerful hybrid of native and cross-platform. It saves time by skipping the difficult move of deciding which cross-platform to choose.
Developing mobile apps on cross-platform got a lot more easier, flexible and cost-effective as it can draw essential features for the app development.

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Apache Cordova that was formerly known as PhoneGap is an open source mobile app development framework. It facilitates software programmers to develop various applications for mobile devices using CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript rather than relying on platform-specific APIs like those in Android, iOS, or Windows Phone.

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This is an open source SDK that with web technology such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript can build hybrid mobile apps and offer benefits over pure native apps, particularly in terms of platform maintenance and support, development speed, and access to 3rd party program code.

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Sencha mobile app development platform helps developers to create apps with Java. The framework has only one version. The maintenance and support features are added to each license along with distribution rights for building apps.

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Kony solutions are designed such that it makes enterprise app smoothly work across various channels. It provides a whole set of products that turn multi-channel app development convenient. Get in touch with our developers to develop native, mobile-web or hybrid applications by putting in use Kony’s development cloud.

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