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Paid campaigns to gain more audience and customers

Search Engine Marketing is one of the most effective ways to get traffic to your website. At SocialDNA Labs, we use Google Adwords and other platforms to strategically place ads on the web against well-researched keywords for your business. There are paid methods to beat the competition and rank higher in Google Search Results and in other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo.

We utilize the power of online paid advertising to place your services and products on top of the search results screen so that the potential buyers can buy from you in a single click. The ads can be text-based or with visuals including important information such as product image, price, and a short description.


Display your ads on popular websites and different platforms. You only pay the fee every time your as is being clicked.

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We will help you reduce the Cost Per Click by precisely focussing on your online advertising revenue model. This way we will direct traffic to your websites at minimal costs.

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Paid Listings

With this, we will ensure you are being displayed more at the top of the search result areas for the phrase browsed by an internet user.

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Mobile Marketing

With multi-channel, digital marketing strategy, we will aim at reaching your target audience on their, tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices via SMS, email, MMS, apps, etc.

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Display Advertising

We will create online advertising campaigns for you in several forms, including banner ads, rich media and more. Using visual, textual and audio content, we will communicate your brand.

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Paid Facebook Ads

Using the paid services of the largest social media platform, Facebook, we will effectively advertise your brand online and connect you with the right audience.

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Social Media Marketing Tools

The most unarguable benefits of SEM

  • Search engine marketing provides a high conversion rate in return of low investments. Though cost fluctuations are depending on the type of business, on the whole, it is much cost-effective.
  • An incredible opportunity for businesses, marketers can promote deals using SEM for consumers, and offer a healthy competition to competitors.
  • Display ads have been having minimal effect on search engine marketing. Most ad-blocking technology is not obliterating these ads, which indicates they are intrinsically more visible than other display ads.
  • You get tools that can help you track your audience’s responses in real-time. You get the data to make changes on the fly, reducing the number of campaigns based on unsuccessful attempts or boosting up campaigns that are exceeding expectations.

Over time you’ll see that the search terms of your audience are becoming more and more relevant to your brand as they become familiar with you and see you as a trusted entrepreneur.


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