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Automate your marketing actions to generate quick sales leads

You have invested in the best market automation software and have trained your marketing and sales team to use the software. Yet you are not where you want to be, and your automation software isn’t yielding the results you expected. Then you need to talk to us and fast.

Marketing automation is more than installing automation software. It takes experienced professionals and clever thinking to connect the dots and get the best results out of all your marketing efforts combined together and automated.

At SocialDNA Labs, our consultants assist you in online marketing from:

Lead Management

Campaign Management

Lead Nuturing

Lead Scoring


Lead Acquisition

We help streamline the entire process so that results are delivered with minimal effort. Our email marketing automation services assist you in customized email templates, brochures, and other collaterals for your business.

Value addition with Market Research

Transform your data into powerful information. By including market research into your overall digital marketing strategy, you get the power to understand:

  • Your customer needs.
  • Search Habits.
  • Your customers’ spending habits.
  • The platforms you are searched on and where are you lacking.

Using this knowledge, you can make intelligent decisions to solve your customers’ problems and offer them the desired products and services. We offer our customers an end-to-end market research analysis including:

  • Data collection (Unstructured and Structured)
  • Business Intelligence and Predictive Analysis

How does marketing automation benefit a business overall

Marketing automation empower marketers to seek more effective results while also generating higher ROI on every online activity. There are many advantages of Marketing Automation, to mention a few;

  • Reduce resources:

    With marketing automation software, you can optimize marketing campaigns and nurture leads with thousands of personalized emails each day on autopilot. These automated campaigns can help you build a niche of loyal customers.

  • Reach customers across multiple channels:

    One of the powerful benefits that marketing automation offers marketers is the ability to reach customers in a personalized way across different online and offline channels.

  • Target the right customers:

    You can target potential customers over multiple channels. This is one of the powerful benefits that marketing automation offers marketers to reach customers in a personalized way across different online and offline channels.

  • Bulk customized messages and emails:

    You can choose to send your customers email, postcards, text message, phone call, and tweet after they reach a certain level in the customer journey.

  • Pre scheduling campaigns:

    You can schedule posts and campaigns much ahead of time, thus staying organized as well as save time managing your social media campaigns. Within just one dashboard you can post to multiple accounts in one go.

Now that you know the revenue-boosting techniques of marketing automation, you’ll need to find the right assistance to invest in.


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