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Visualization solutions to make a long-lasting brand impression

Creativity is putting imagination to work and produce the most extraordinary results. There are innumerable marketing trends and techniques in the market. Each company is tirelessly creating buzz about its brand. In such a challenging environment, only those who put their creativity to use can catapult their brand to the next level.

SocialDNA Labs apply a combination of multiple marketing techniques with an innovative and creative twist to a brand to meet and exceed expectations. Our integrated set of digital marketing services involve research and analysis to understand your customer, its current brand image, the target audience and the competitors market value. We apply this knowledge to develop effective marketing techniques based on your industry.

Add a ‘WOW’ factor to your brand:

  • Brand Engagement
  • Digital Consistency
  • Traditional Publishing
  • Intuitive UX/ GUI
  • Brand Marketing

Data-Driven Marketing

Data is the backbone of all marketing efforts. Learning customer needs, demands and buying habits give actionable insight into an organization’s’ operation results. We communicate with your customer via following creative platforms:

E-mail Communication

This is one of the most cost-effective ways to connect with your customers and introduce your products and services.

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Campaign Management

Our marketing professionals create, manage and promote sales and marketing campaigns via direct mail or e-mail camp.

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Categorize customers and prospects into different buckets based on customer profiling, scoring or modeling.

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Periodic newsletters keep your clients informed about any latest events or offers launched by the company.

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Our telemarketers assist in all your telephone related activities such as Outbound sales call, Inbound call handling and Setting and confirming appointments

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Our client benefit from specially built creative solutions that deliver a strong end-user experience at a price and performance ratio that is truly unparalleled in the market.

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