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Ontime & efficient delivery with DevOps

DevOps, as the name suggests, is a set of tools and technologies aimed at resolving the disconnect between development and IT operations. DevOps service helps improve code quality, promotes better and continuous integration and speeds up product delivery.

Businesses can achieve their goal of higher efficiency, faster time to market and better quality of software builds with our DevOps consulting. We help large or small enterprises and startups with early identification of rising issues and letting the program be in a releasable state always.

Custom DevOps Solutions delivered for high business impact


Our DevOps services ensure rapid on-boarding of applications by leveraging automation, cloud-adoption and constant monitoring. DevOps service providers like SocialDNA Labs, offer bespoke solutions like tools to automate and streamline the entire processes from development to deployment, reduce overhead costs and increase delivery speed. We automate the end-to-end delivery pipeline and ease the continuous integration and development across all the popular cloud platforms.

DevOps Service offerings:

Continuous Integration, Inspection & Delivery

Continuous Integration, Delivery, and Code Inception are the key ingredients of the development process that brings you numerous benefits for software delivering. This entire process is beneficial in reducing the total time of the production cycle and automate iterative processes in the development pipeline.

    • High quality code
    • Automation enables easy and continuous integration between multiple environments
    • Error free deployment
Server Orchestration, deployment & Automation

Automating deployment processes has become a fundamental necessity. This only makes company processes faster, their business model more efficient and agile. Get well-sketched orchestration that can optimize processes through a compliant workflow. This defined workflow saves time and resources while also scaling your business objectives.

  • Automated faster deployment
  • Continuous deployment
Server support and security

We help you meet your customer expectations of reliability by securing your servers that are hosting your apps. We continuously monitor your IT infrastructure to identify and eliminate problems before they can even occur, thus ensuring 24X7 uninterrupted functioning and uptime.

  • Ensuring application availability through firewall protection, encryption, security patches, and safe configurations.
  • Periodic maintenance of servers, managing your code, applications, and products
Virtualization infrastructure

Put your hardware to maximum use by utilizing resources efficiently. For applications, you can stream them from a remote server irrespective of the underlying operating system of the host system. With desktop virtualization, you can remotely log in and enter your desktop through LAN or WAN. The connection is always secured as virtualization software builds encrypted desktop sessions over the Internet.

  • Reduce IT overhead to cut down on management cost.
  • Improve performance by setting up security levels
  • Recover from disasters quickly

What to expect from our best-in-class-DevOps services

The primary objective of our DevOps services is to ensure flexible delivery and rapid software prototyping with no bottlenecks in software development. Here is what you can expect from our DevOps services:

  • Turning the DevOps environment seamlessly effortless to suit every project requirement.
  • Providing optimum use of all the current development tools and integrating it with DevOps services for delivering excellent outcomes.
  • Build and launch new features regularly through a unified development ecosystem.
  • Enhance automation across multiple platforms for rapid deployments
  • Optimize workflow administration for effective communication and coordination.
  • Keeping a constant watch on iterative development processes.

As new products are developed, or new features added to any existing products, multiple processes begin at the same time. Developers write the code to develop the product and the code is fed into integration server and from there it goes into production. Transfer of data is bound to create problems and bug-fixing needs additional time.


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