High Performance and Secure Apps to Boost your Business

Web Applications Development Services

SocialDNA Labs web application solutions are crafted to assist our clients in reaching their organizational goals while reducing complexity and maintaining security. We understand that off-the-shelf products do not suit every business requirement and customization is needed to answer business specific problems.

Our technical experts work on latest technologies and frameworks such as Drupal, Java, Struts, Spring, Angular JS, Node. We follow agile methodologies that map to business strategy and bring you a unique user experience, secure access, high performance, and scalability.


Critical Features required in Web Applications


If an existing application needs to be used for added functionality, it can be extended to accommodate the changes if the application foundation is laid well. We develop applications that are structured in a way to enable extensibility and scalability.


Web application security is one of the most critical elements of any application. Apps carry sensitive information and breach of data can cost companies money and reputation. Secure apps is our forte. Security from external breach as well as permission slabs for personnel within the organization.


Smart apps add value to the business by providing quick responses to user requests. Our web applications have low latency, high throughput, and simple usage. It promises high performance regardless of the number of users and use cases.


Web application must provide user a memorable experience. Take user personas into account while creating a user interface so that every user finds some value from the web page. We develop applications that users like to use and share.

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