IoT implementation challenges to consider & how to overcome it?

By: sdl17global | November 20, 2018
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IoT has come to the market to automate our lives by improving the efficiency of our surrounding things. This technology is intelligent and is capable enough to sense motion, identify and differentiate between objects as well as monitor human behavior.

If you can smartly integrate IoT with your business system, you will notice IoT is providing increased speed, higher productivity, and bigger outputs. With so many great benefits, efficiencies will only increase, and savings will happen. Human efforts are lessened, and thus it leads to more accurate results and increased productivity.

With a connected system, you would no longer need to remember to turn off the oven after the cake is baked. You will not have to switch on lights when you enter a room. You can forget to turn off the AC when you leave your house. Your IoT connected house would do it for you.

Challenges that a typical business organization may face while implementing IoT within their system are as follows;

Connectivity Challenges

A typical go-to connectivity IoT connectivity is WiFi.  It works well within a house. But in business companies, properties are huge. Hence, this involves more complexity in connectivity and also many IT departments do not allow third-party devices on their networks due to security reasons.

Greater exposure to data and information

With many organizations working with highly crucial operational data, it could prove beneficial to a competitor or a traitor if exposed, the situation is very understandable.

Compatibility issues with hardware

Businesses need to meticulously recognize their devices, tools, hardware and existing legacy machines based on their goals & business outcomes. When there are devices that do not have the required PLCs and sensors, the IoT implementation becomes more critical. However, adding external sensors to the legacy machines is one quick workaround.

Transferring data and connectivity issues

Most IoT gateways today can use both GPRS and Wi-Fi/LAN, but old devices depend on telemetry systems, PLCs and RTUs to produce data. Defining the right sequence of protocols for these machines before proceeding with an IoT implementation will help in going a long way.

Analytics Challenges

The actual value of IoT is known when it can deliver collective insights and data for an actionable course. This obviously demands high-performance analytics platform that can handle an enormous amount of data. Data Analytics teams should keep this in mind while devising IoT implementation plan.  Thus, leaving enough space for predictive analytics to help solve this critical IoT implementation challenge.

Successful IoT examples

Some companies have already implemented IoT in their business model to test the significance of its results. Pioneering businesses have already achieved significant outcomes in: Fleet management, Safety, and maintenance, Retail and Farming

Creating a data-driven organization involves making structural changes and redefining how things will work and what roles to be allowed to staff.

Data security is always a concern especially when its data contains sensitive personal information such the fingerprint, face identification or even a bank transaction history.

At Social DNA Labs, we understand that security is the requirement. Hence, we recognize all the devices connected to the corporate network to reduce malicious factors. Finally, the complexity of the choices directs the complexity of the underlying infrastructure which demands better handling.

So, what do we say in conclusion? We all need to be aware that IoT solutions are slowly extending its reach in the industry and is also becoming a favorite. Because it will greatly contribute to time management, reduce human efforts, enable us to make quicker and faster time to response. IoT is evolving into a global service which is absolutely a fresh innovation in the market and is totally reliable, safe, accountable, user -friendly and transparent.




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