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Websites & CMS

SocialDNA Labs delivers customized web solutions to its clients for improved business operations, enterprise-wide content management or for branding purposes.
Every big and small business requires a web presence to connect with its customers, employees, and stakeholders. SocialDNA Labs has developed many scalable, functional and engaging websites with an intuitive graphical user interface. We develop complex database sites to simple static page.


Content Management System

Enterprise content management can be a tedious and time-consuming task. Most organizations face a common challenge of vast amounts of unorganized and scattered content as data is added, edited and shared by different departments within the organization at different locations.

A Content Management System tailor-made to your individual requirement helps organize enterprise-wide digital content systematically. Our developers design customized CMS system and train your non-technical employees to use it effortlessly.

The purpose of CMS is to bring in simplification and allow people to add, edit and share content.
Consolidated data from a single access point can be easily used to generate analytical reports to gain better business insights and take better decisions.

It gives you the freedom to showcase the right content in the right place and connect to your intended audience effectively.
CMS enables a centralized content storage and access point and also helps in SEO, granting permissions, and scheduled publishing.


Django is also an open-source CMS built on Python framework. Its’ easy-of-use makes it a brilliant choice for most content managers and website admins. It is a lightweight program that seamlessly integrates with most third-party environment and platforms. It can be used as soon as ready without worrying about third party licenses and integrations.

The basic version of Joomla is free, and the premium version is paid. It encourages rapid application development and enables clean and pragmatic designs.


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