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Social DNA Labs provides extraordinary web and mobile app design and development solutions that mostly specializes in user-centered UI design. We bring our designs to life by adopting various structured process right from blueprints, prototypes, and design mockups to wireframes. Our quality expertise in User Experience Design (UX) has empowered us to simplify and improve the communication between our client’s target consumers and their digital presence be it on a website, email campaign, mobile application, social media campaign or even an Ad banner.

Our lean approach to UX Designing involves

  • Setting focus on meeting the actual needs of the end user and accordingly clear clutter for a seamless experience.
  • Building holistic wireframes that avoid any form of documentation that nobody ever reads.

Our Design Approach



Market Research


We carefully examine the business model, understand the goals and what customers expect from our client. At this stage, we assist you in discovering knowledge gaps and set your assumptions in alignment with real user expectations.

Market Research

After closely understanding the business, we reach out to the market to research on the competitors and their products. This exercise is mandatorily practiced to help us craft the right User Experience with clear differentiators from the competition.

Building Wireframes

We ensure that the right data is represented in the best way, in the right place, and at the appropriate time. Wireframing is the best process to analyze data structures and sketch out the UI features. We build wireframes and keep refining them until it satisfies both the client and their customer.

Crafting Visual Elements

The visual appeal of your product has a large-scale impact on users. By targeting users on a broader and more emotional level, we make the user experience more profound. We illustrate the style patterns, typography, and icons in this stage. We craft a prototype app with these elements highlighting the synergies mentioned above too.

Developing Applications

After taking approval, our development team works in parallel to code the application. We focus on delivering a fast and most robust version of the business app.

Continual Updation of Application

This is not it, the front-end is the main thing that a user will first see and interact with. Hence, we accompany you throughout your customer journey and always work on to release the next best version of the business application after observing its performance in the current phase.

With more than a decade of practice and by using the latest technologies, we make sure your application looks and feels precisely as designed and has been adequately tested on platforms of your choice.

Why Choose Us?

A robust UI and UX design is the key to unlock more sales by making onboarding easier, and this also results in higher user adoption rates. We are purely an agile company who keep client’s customers at the center while designing any solution. Our design plans are built such that it can deliver immediate ROI for your business. Thus, also enabling our clients to have a compelling digital media presence which will in return ensure loyal customers and improved brand value.


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