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Intelligent Digital Assistant

Although there is a multitude of channels available for customers to engage with their brands, yet there are instances where consumers have to go through a lot of processes to reach a brand. Which means, the current means of customer engagement is not adequate to serve the customers, in line with their expectations. Thus, leading to a trust deficit between the buyer and the brand which will ultimately impact the brand reputation. To bridge this gap, SocialDNA Labs have intelligent solutions designed and developed using AI that will poise to fill this gap.
A digital query assistant solution is an AI- powered integrated system that consists of virtual agents with the traditional customer service medium to improve interactions and community engagements across disparate channels including mobile, web and social media.

At SocialDNA Labs, you get solutions for an AI enabled integrated work system. Connect for more.

This help in optimizing customer interactions, increase satisfaction rate, boost customer service productivity and reduce call hold time.
A Digital Query Assistant enables businesses to;

  • Create a unified self-learning platform
  • Leverage customer data to deliver personalized service.
  • Derive actionable insights from digital actions.
  • Better understand customer requirements and emotions with personalized, relevant and contextual content.

At SocialDNA Labs, you get solutions for an AI enabled integrated work system. Connect for more.



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Integrated Realities

If you wish to display your products, and services with Augmented and Virtual realities, we can facilitate you. At Social DNA Labs, we provide an innovative and mobile way to exhibit your model in a 3-D composition using Augmented Reality Technology. Our AR/VR solutions are a mix of multiple latest technologies. Our rich experience enables us to deliver stunning quality graphics and content to our clients.

With in-depth knowledge and expertise in AR and VR domains, we can provide you with a mix of both. We integrate AR and VR to deliver better results and a hybrid reality experience of your products. Find new and unique ways of satisfying your customer expectations, deliver more value to your audiences, and create much more impactful interactions. Our solutions have gained unique importance all around the world owing to their exceptional high graphics quality and user-friendly interfaces. We are expert in building AR apps for mobile as well as apps for gadgets and wearables.

Best Graphics for a better experience

Producing AR graphics once used to be very complicated. It required a lot of highly expensive gear, and the final rendering used to take over weeks or sometimes even months’ worth of services. These days, it is much simpler to set up and achieve the intended results. With our smart optimization algorithm, we create best graphics quality that a mobile device can produce without losing 3D model’s features. You can simply examine the 3D quality with hours of rendered pictures.



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Customer Onboarding Experience

A robust Customer Onboarding Experience directly impacts the market share of your business. It helps in improving loyalty, customer retention, and escalating sale opportunities. If your customers aren’t getting a seamless experience across mobile, web and other mediums, you’re probably losing them. Digital Customer Onboarding is one of the most critical fields of businesses which needs more attention as far as digital transformation is concerned. Our artificial intelligence powered platform empowers businesses to execute disruptive capabilities across various industries such as financial services, banking, and insurance, telecom, retail, and technology.

Digital Customer Onboarding solution smartly leveraging digital technologies

Our Digital Customer Onboarding solution intends to disrupt the existing disconnected Customer Onboarding process digitally, by actively leveraging digital technologies. We make multiple attempts at empowering each stakeholder in this venture including buyers, office staff, and business owners by providing an Omnichannel that is faster and offers real-time visibility into the whole Customer Onboarding experience. We help you to make instant validations, real-time updates, real-time visibility into eligibility and availability of services. Minimize human errors and get customer social profile insights. Businesses must do everything they can to turn the Customer Onboarding process as a seamless and straightforward process as possible.

Today’s consumers want a streamlined digital enrollment process they can start and complete on any device. Delivering the best enrollment experience requires the right combination of data, insights, and content. Build consistent mobile experiences.



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Connected Experience

If you have observed that your customers aren’t getting a seamless experience across digital apps, devices or other channels, then you are most likely losing them. To help you curb this situation, we provide you a single solution that lets you connect the dots across devices and between online and physical experiences. We deliver the best experience at the right moment, on the right device customized for you by using single integrated system that has content and customer data.

Experience with solid foundation

At SocialDNA Labs, we help you expand your digital experience to better adapt to your customers’ needs. With expert services, we help in building a solid digital foundation, design a roadmap for driving your commerce strategy and help you to connect with all of your digital touchpoints.

With Connected solutions at the core, our experts can help you deliver to the people process strategies that drive successful outcomes.

    • Customer Relationship Management

We set strategies for managing your organization’s relationships and interactions with customers and other potential customers. Our CRM system help companies stay connected to customers, streamline their processes, and improve profitability.

While overcoming operational cost and improving time-to-market, we facilitate organizations to:

      • Track every opportunity and achieve more sales.
      • Deliver intelligent service to achieve customer excellence.
      • Perform customer interaction at every touch point.
      • Better customer, and employee engagement.
      • Seamless customer experience at all touch-points in commerce industry.


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Employee Experience

Our Digital Employee Experience solution leverages mobile, machine-learning, and other emerging technologies to deliver employees experiences on par with consumer-based solutions. Our AI-powered Employee Experience strategy enables enterprises to provide a seamless Omnichannel experience to considered candidates, new hires and employees. We help our clients:

  • Engage candidate right from the start.
  • Boost productivity and retention of new employees.
  • Monitor Employee engagement from a user-friendly advanced analytics dashboard.
  • Reduce HR costs while improving employee satisfaction and business performance.
  • Create highly practical training programs based on real-time analytics.


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Digital Interface Development

UI/UX Design and Content Development
Our skill set in designing user-experience mediums has enabled the simplification of interaction between our client and his target customers. This helped in the improvement of our client’s digital presence over desktop and mobile websites. The various mobile applications, email campaigns, social media campaigns and even Ad banner also adds to the improvement of clients’ online reputation. Many of our existing patrons have successfully established a digital media presence with an ensuring customer loyalty and improved brand value.
The method that we follow to produce compelling UX results include extensive research, strategic designing, SEO content writing, testing and execution with each of the phases being iterative.

Factors considered in UX designing

The key UX factors we consider before designing any website or application are

  • Value
  • Usefulness
  • Usability
  • Searchability
  • Desirability
  • Accessibility
  • Credibility

Our full set of UX services include information architecture, research interviews, online surveys, personas, user journey maps, analytics reviews, quality content and ethnographic research. Our design team is committed to innovative digital solutions and applications that facilitate enterprises to produce engaging user experiences across all modes of channels. The design team, at SocialDNA Labs, comprises of functionality/business experts, highly experienced UX/UI designers and ghost writers that leverage the advanced tools and technologies such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, HTML5, CSS3, iOS Interface Builder, inVision, MockFlow, Sketch and Grammarly to make intense Graphics Detailing and produce relevant optimized content.



Crucial Insights into Building successful Business Empires

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