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When it comes to CRM solutions, we believe in one size doesn’t fit all businesses. Your business needs to create something awesome on Digital. Botify your business with SocialDNA Labs. Get CRM services that are powered with AI Chatbots and you can do a lot more than simply talk or reply to your customers.


A timely feature like the Chatbot, allows you to meet customers where they are in a style they most prefer, the internet. Customers may not like to speak with representatives over phone calls. Emails may not always be the best way to reach consumer base either, since they get lost in the shuffle and often times get deleted or forgotten.

A dual feature like this can help complement one another and benefit those who matters most, your customers, both potential and current ones. We let you reach people on the phone, via live chat, email, through social media, and even in person. Use visitor tracking and email analytics to know what your customers are seeing and find opportunities for engagement. Communicate, connect, and close the deal with our Chatbot and CRM services.

How does a machine-learning Chatbot help an enterprise?

  • An intelligent Chatbot power conversations across all customer engagement channels
  • A seamless interaction with customers to understand and deliver relevant context-based information
  • Delivers immediate value- no significant data analysis or coding required


Crucial Insights into Building successful Business Empires

Seamless customer solution

Keep a strict check on the progress of complaints resolved and then efficiently transfer them to employees who are equipped with a necessary solution. Get your database centralized that will enable your employees to access one information across different departments multiple times thus avoiding the need of asking the customer about his same concern repeatedly. Our seamless services will foster better customer experience, retain them for longer and increase brand loyalty. Every service can be personalized by arming your employees with the power of our CRM solutions. We can also customize the technology to keep it aligned with your business objectives.



Crucial Insights into Building successful Business Empires

Acquiring New customers

How effectively can you build up a healthy customer relationship that will, in turn, benefit your business revenue? Out there in the real world, Customers seek positive customer experiences, and this is one of the ways that can set apart your company from the rest, no matter if you are offering unique products or not. Sometimes you simply have to be Customer-centric, because today buyers seek genuine services with quality Customer experience. In fact, an integrated CRM system that can work with your support center can help you strengthen your relationship with Customers since CRM sales solutions can track every touch point.


SocialDNA Labs offers various functions for Customer acquisition. Get more successful leads and get equipped with the right sales potential to convert them into buyers.



Crucial Insights into Building successful Business Empires

Reaching Peak Sales

Prioritize your most promising deals by assigning leads as they come in and set up to automate reminders to follow up. Stay on top of everything and ensure no important prospect slips away. With SocialDNA Labs, get CRM solutions to oversimplify the biggest challenges that your sales team may be facing that is how to qualify and follow up on leads. Safely and centrally customer contacts, their activities and schedules in one place, and have uninterrupted access to the database from multiple locations. Know what your customers really want and streamline the entire sales cycle that may result in closing deals in your pipeline and your team to meet targets faster. Since order processing and preparing quotes are automated in our CRM solutions, reduce production costs and increase sales revenue.



Crucial Insights into Building successful Business Empires

Omnichannel Service Platform

Retailers today are investing more and more in acquiring advanced digital capabilities that can transform their offline stores into a next-generation experience which allows one to have a holistic overview of their overall business. With Omnichannel Digital Advisory Sales or Service Platform, organizations can gain customer loyalty, increase retention, and up the customer experience for good.

We help our clients engage with their online shoppers based on the customer interest, and attraction. By introducing a common and Digitally connected platform, we enable our clients to establish a relationship with their prospects and turn them into possible customers.

What do you get?

Our dynamic technology brings a physical store experience online for the shoppers. We can help in engagements with your in-store customers through the self-service kiosk, product catalog and, in-store navigation. Attract customers and persuade them to make a purchases through Digital Display and enable Store Associate/Manager to keep the shoppers engaged productively. The Digital Advisory Sales involve many other parameters that will only build your relationship with your customers stronger.

Our services include;

  • Define and develop digital sales strategy
  • A design-driven concept for the development of new digital product and services
  • Designing cohesive digital customer experiences
  • Facilitate digital roadmaps
  • Innovation process implementations
  • Digital Customer Experience and maturity assessment


Crucial Insights into Building successful Business Empires

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