Eservices Ticketing System

About Client
Our client is the largest provider of ‘takaful’ insurance in UAE. Their biggest products include life insurance for individuals. They offer insurance facilities strictly in accordance with the Cooperative Insurance Regulations in Saudi Arabia.


  • Current systems are outdated, poorly designed and inflexible
  • No Analytics support provided for fragmented data
  • Inconsistent complaint handling and lack of interaction
  • Challenging business environment

Different tools are in use and are not connected for complaint management

How did we achieve it?
We created a complaint tracking application right from the scratch using ASP.NET. The complaint tracking suite securely collected documentation pertaining to customer complaints. It also assisted in tracking the associated resolution of a specific complaint.
Search and retrieval of complaint data was simplified. A history of complaints and relevant solutions were stored. Customer complaints with their respective resolutions were integrated. Thus, authorizing the client to access and process customer complaints from any location.

What was the outcome?
This helped the client to regulate its complaint management system appropriately. Our tracking system offered a complete solution and streamlined the complaint process. It also fostered accuracy and efficiency throughout and kept compliance costs down.

Technology Stack