Digital Marketing for an increased ROI

About client

Our client provides advanced IT solutions to its customers for building stronger customer-relationship and also help them create business value by leveraging latest technology and innovation. They assist enterprises in improving its agility by delivering innovative managed services focused on business outcomes, using both cutting-edge and traditional techniques.


Before Social DNA Labs offered the client its digital marketing services, the biggest challenge that the client faced was to increase its number of leads and make its defined keywords rank higher in the google search results.

What did we observe?

After critically analyzing their website performance, we realized that their site required an immediate optimization. We found out the following;

Their website doesn’t show up in the google search results.

Despite killer content and excellent design whatever few visitors came to the website, bounced off.

This high bounce rate of the website resulted in the website’s lower organic search ranking.

How did we achieve it?

We figured out where the user journey drop-offs are maximum on the website by conducting a funnel analysis for the site. We then isolated the bottleneck that’s causing the drop-offs and using various optimization techniques we went on to improve the user experience on the page. The different techniques used are;

Website Optimization & Content Marketing

Using our advanced tools, we analyzed and selected productive keywords with higher search volumes for the site & optimized the content on the site for users considering the latest search engine algorithms. In this process, we restructured the site to improve the user experience. Apart from optimizing the content, we added more information and published user-centric interesting content to bring new visitors. Our high-quality, informative content persuaded the visitors which ultimately lead to conversions.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With so many websites on the web today, there is no way to guarantee that your site will rank first on Google, but there are plenty of SEO tools and tactics that can be put to use to increase the rankings of your website. For our client we did various SEO activities that quickly boosted their ranking in the google search results such as restructuring the URLs, creating titles & meta descriptions for each page, adding alt text, anchor text, giving H1, H2 tags and more.

Landing Page optimization

Since the goal was to bring sales, hence we then observed by understanding which traffic sources are bringing the potential customers to the site. We then optimized the site for conversions that included redesigning the site’s primary pages, building smart landing pages for paid campaigns and streamlining order process. This strategy helped in lowering client’s acquisitions costs, acquired more customers for them and maximized the value of the paid advertisements.

What was the outcome?

Our integrated marketing efforts, continual analysis & smart budget allocation increased the ROI drastically.

Traffic Increased by 1752% and Enquiries boosted by 800%. We say this because see it yourself;


More benefits earned


  • The client’s website topped the ranking chart when it came about top internet search results. Internet user traffic started pouring in from various channels to the website. Organic traffic which did not involve any paid campaign increased by 1,044% and leads by an amazing figure of 712%.
  • The Social media campaigns that were performed also helped in achieving this great result. It drove another 150% of internet traffic via many social referrals and number of leads went up by a whopping number of 800%.


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