The king of cross-platform development: Xamarin

This uber cool technology is a powerful hybrid of native and cross-platform. It saves time by skipping the difficult move of deciding which cross-platform to choose
Developing mobile apps on cross-platform got a lot more easier, flexible and cost-effective as it can draw essential features for the app development.

With Xamarin you do not have to engage multiple programming languages. In fact, you may also reuse 75% of the code of the code across all mobile development platforms. Xamarin Studio when used in association with Visual Studio, size down the usual rate of time and effort taken for developing the code, UI coding, and component integration.

Some of the key benefits of Xamarin are;

Native application

The native design is usually preferred for any application. Xamarin’s unique built of features enable code completion in C#. Code sharing is a breeze with Xamarin across various platforms, helping you save development time.

Sharing app logic

Not only the UI but also the app logic can be shared across multiple platforms through Xamarin, thus making it a must-use cross-platform development tool. This saves the time needed to recode and leaves less room for bugs to crawl in.

API integration

With Xamarin, quick assistance and support are always around the corner. Xamarin unites the identical APIs and UI controls and uses it to develop iOS, Android and Mac apps in their respective platform-specific languages. The code can be shared between iOS, Android and Windows using Portable technologies and appropriate applications.

Xamarin Component Store

Xamarin was built to serve the purpose of collaboration and sharing. Developers can pick from a series of free or paid code components, such as the cross-platform libraries, UI controls, and third-party web services.

Xamarin Cross-Platform Development has earned immense popularity and has is witnessing an increasing demand in recent years owing to the merits of this platform. It is one such platform that allows the user to get the maximum benefit out of its mobile app development processes at fractional costs.


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